Amith Prabhu: What the new PRCAI President ought to do?

21 Sep,2015

By Amith Prabhu


It’s five months after the new PRCAI President took charge and his first event the Sabre Awards was a grand success. Over a two-year period there is a lot one can do to leave a mark. Here’s my open letter to Nitin Mantri on ten things he can do during the remainder of his term that are innovative and refreshing.


1. To innovate and create a new category of Awards. The campaign awards are great. But the Indian PR community needs more


2. To create a young professionals council and let the association gain insights from a different generation


3. To create events in mini-metros such as Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi and inspire the world-class talent that is mushrooming in Middle India


4. To build a platform that can foster talent at the undergraduate level. Maybe, a good starting point could be to introduce a Communications Aptitude Test. The score of this test would not only enable budding professionals to see if they are cut out for a career in PR but could also be a great way for PR schools in the country use these rankings to offer admission.


5. To involve younger professionals in panel sharing and have a policy to retire a set of speakers who have been there, done that


6. To commission books on the profession that PRCAI publishes that will enable professionals to become better at what they do


7. To ensure every PR firm in the Holmes Report list of 250 PR firms that has a presence in India becomes a member of the association before the end of the year


8. To hire another younger staff member to assist the Secretary General in order to plan succession better


9. To revamp the website and give it a new lease of life so that it is as modern as majority of the staff of its member firms are


10. Lastly, to create either on its own or in collaboration with another organisation a magazine (bi-monthly or quarterly) for the benefit of thousands of professionals, especially in consultancies


This letter is in no way trying to say PRCAI is not doing enough. The aim of these ten points is to infuse new thinking and kick start a programme of renewal. Nitin is a friend and we need to strengthen him with our support.


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