5 Star back with ‘The Good In Getting Lost’ campaign

24 Sep,2015



A favourite of the Indian consumers for more than four decades, 5 Star still continues to be a novel concept in the chocolate world. It set a new revolution in the making of chocolates with the introduction of chocolat33, caramel and nougat as ingredients.


Brand positioning over the years has evolved to adapt to changing consumer behaviours to remain relevant in today’s day and age. Initially 5 Star signified togetherness, hunger, energy, irresistible and soft chew. This has however transformed over time and currently 5 Star epitomises the sensation of being ‘Lost in Taste’ – a luxury for consumers given the extremely energetic and demanding times we live in. Ramesh & Suresh have been at the heart of 5 Star commercials since 2006 and will continue entertaining viewers with their rib-tickling, innocent antics which see them unintentionally doing good while immersed in the delicious world of a 5 Star. As the next leg of the campaign and to rekindle excitement in the brand, 5 Star is back with ‘The Good In Getting Lost’.


With a structured aim at targeting the urban Indian teen segment (between the age of 15-24 years), the ‘The Good In Getting Lost’ campaign will be supported by a 360-degree communication approach, that includes a new TVC and extensive outdoor advertising, where the ‘The Good In Getting Lost’ and 5 Star’s new colourful packaging will be highlighted. In addition to these, there will also be strong presence on the digital front, which will involve a variety of digital associations. One of the most interesting digital associations is the one with PutChutney (Tamil Nadu’s YouTube sensation) to create an entertaining video based on the popular Gaana Pattu style of Tamil Nadu. Additionally, there is a prospective association with YouTube Comedy Hunt where the finalists will prepare their act based on a 5 Star brief.



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