Tata Tea Premium launches new campaign

14 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


Tata Tea Premium has launched its new campaign for Tata Tea Premium that talks about the little joyous moments of life through a family reunion.


The film opens with a doting father enjoying the company of both his daughters. The ‘choti’ &‘badi’ daughters who stay away from home, have been able to visit home at the same time. The overjoyed father takes a sip of the tea and claims that it is extra special today, since both his daughters are home and the family is together. The mother intervenes and brings out the real reason behind the perfect cup of tea – the blend of chotipattiand badipatti in the tea. The film blends the perfect family moment with the perfect cup of tea.


Remarking on the thought behind the commercial, Rishi Chadha, Head – Tea Marketing says, “Beyond offering teas with consistent and superior quality, Tata Tea has over the years deepened its bond with consumers through some impactful messaging and communication. We have a highly differentiated product offering in Tata Tea Premium. It is the right combination of badipatti for swaad (taste) and chotipatti for kadakpan (strength). We wanted to talk about what makes our brand unique to tea drinkers, so that they can make an informed choice when buying tea. We believe that ‘chai kojaanoge to jaagoge’ ”.


Amer Jaleel

Commenting on the campaign, Amer Jaleel – Chairman | CCO, Mullen Lintas (formerly NCD – Lowe Lintas), adds “As part of its product-based strategy, Tata Tea wants to ‘awaken’ people to the fine touch of its popular tea brand. We wanted to capture this in an equally nuanced manner, telling little stories of family and home.Tata Tea Premium has the challenging job of delivering the ‘Choti Patti Badi Patti’ promise in a refreshing manner while talking to a wide audience. We have chosen the ‘large-hearted family guy’ to make this point. He goes with the flow of gushing emotions to proclaim that the tea is truly special today since he’s in the company of both his daughters. The Missus sweetly begs to differ, and points out that he may probably be under-appreciating the role of the tea leaves in his ‘filmy’ dialog-baazi. The crafting of this brand has reached a higher degree of refinement and we are expecting women to relate to our offerings.”


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