Six reasons Cricket still Rules for Brands to Invest in

07 Aug,2015


By Kartik Sharma


Multiple leagues, many controversies. But nothing seems to dent the popularity of cricket in the country. As fans throng the stadia and the TRPs go through the roof, clearly this is still the most lucrative sport for brands to invest in. Here are the reasons why:


1. Popular by far: Cricket is the most popular sport in India and is an integral part of Indian sports culture. With the help of cricket, brands are able to reach out to a wide range of audiences. Consistently investing in cricket helps a brand build a strong bond with its target group. Despite the recent controversies surrounding cricket, the popularity of the sport has not diminished.


2. Wide reach: Cricket is a powerful platform for brands to promote their new campaigns, and also for new brands trying to establish themselves in the market. The sport’s ability to generate extensive reach makes it an attractive option for brands, and thereby helps them in jump-starting awareness in a very short span of time


3. Mainstream media option: Out of 365 days in a year, cricket is played for over 200 days (including one-day tournaments, test and T20 matches). With cricket becoming part of a multi-screen world — digital streaming, TV channel apps and such — the popularity, affinity and resonance with the sport is still on the rise. These days, marketers and agencies alike, evaluate cricket regularly as part of mainstream media options and it is no longer seen as a one-off event.


4. Proven ROI: Return-on-investment studies conducted by our agency clearly proves that the power of cricket in impacting business goals for various categories is very high. It not only helps in growing business, but also helps brands which are investing in cricket in defending themselves from competitive brands and media activity which otherwise would have adversely impacted business goals.


5. Media amplifier: The strength of cricket is its ability to act as a great media multiplier. Research has proven that conversations and recall for brands engaged on the cricketing platform is high. The uplift in key brand measures as a result of investing in cricket, is also significant. For new brands, it also helps to build and maintain brand salience for many weeks — even after the end of cricketing matches/tournaments.


6. Integrations: Cricket gives opportunities to brands to integrate their messaging beyond plain sponsorships and logo placements. Brands which have strategically used both on-air and on-ground assets, tend to generate higher than normal returns on their media investment.


Kartik Sharma is Managing Director of Maxus, South Asia. This article first appeared in ‘dna of brands’ dated August 3, 2015


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