Say ‘No to Nice’, affirms Royale in new TVC

18 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


Royale from Asian Paints, the luxury emulsion paint brand was looking for a unique viewpoint which would pierce the hearts and minds of their consumers and shake them out of the slow descent into choosing things which will just about do.


As the leader in the luxury paints segment, it decided to take up a crusade against people accepting the acceptable in their lives and encouraging them to embrace only the extraordinary.


Contract viewed this as a problem that is not only rampant in the luxury paints category but in the overall lives of people in India at large where the “Chalta Hai” attitude has seeped into even the most refined tastes, and so the idea of saying ‘No to Nice’ came to life.


“Royale which stands for impeccable performance and ahead of the curve décor sensibilities, represents the large quest, a quest for the extraordinary. Saif Ali Khan truly personifies this philosophy. It is a continuous journey of exploring and re-inventing the choices you make in life. It’s all about exceeding one’s own expectations and not settling for the status quo. We believe that this new conversation will create excitement and add a new dimension to life,” said Amit Syngle, President Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints.


Talking of the film, Ashish Chakravarty, NCD – Contract Advertising says, “For Royale, we wanted to change the conversation from just fine décor to a quest for the extraordinary. So what’s the enemy of extraordinary? That feeling of being satisfied with the ok, the just good, the expected. The ‘nice’.  Now the thought of Saif Ali Khan as the ‘purveyor of all things extraordinary’ was perfect for the persona he comes with. So in the film we turn the tables on him when it comes to interior décor…now that made for a very compelling story for Royale to tell.”


Contract decided to use Saif Ali Khan, the brand ambassador for Royale, in a situation that would elegantly reflect how sometimes even the most refined palates slip up when it comes to their home decor.


Contract partnered Asian Paints to launch this campaign across India.


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