Publicis imparts education on Mutual Funds for HDFC

28 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


The penetration of Mutual Funds in the country is very low and one of the biggest reasons for that is the low awareness of the products and the benefits of investing in them. With the objective of demystifying mutual fund investment, Publicis leverages storytelling to achieve their goal in a very simple yet profound manner. The creative shop has crafted a series of TVCs for HDFC Mutual Fund capturing distinctive situations that interestingly inform people about investing in mutual funds through simple life analogies that are seen through the lens of a little girl.


In one of the commercials, we see a girl wearing a saree confidently. But later we find that she’s made a mess of it as she doesn’t really know how to wear it and looks up to her mother for help thereby highlighting the importance of taking expert advice before investing in mutual funds. In another commercial, we see the girl swimming like a fish while an older lady hesitates to even put one foot in the pool, which goes on to explain the benefit of starting early when it comes to investing in mutual funds. In yet another commercial, we see the same girl greeting an angry old uncle everyday who eventually melts and reciprocates her actions which further goes on to explain the benefit of regular investments. There are a couple more films on the same line that will run on the digital medium.


Commenting on the uniqueness of the campaign, Bobby Pawar, Managing Director, CCO, Publicis South Asia says “Most people are scared of thinking about investments, because they feel it is way too complicated for them to understand. So the problem was how do you get them to listen and more importantly learn? We turned to a technique that great teachers employ i.e. make the lesson interesting and fun. From here, we drew parallels between the things life teaches us as we are growing up and the principles of investing in mutual funds. To underscore that these lessons are simple, we told stories through the experiences of a little girl.”


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