OLX’s #TimlessStories connects fans from either side of the border

17 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


In 1947, a border created Pakistan and millions of people were forced to leave their lives behind to start a life on the other side of the border.


The partition was an event that separated their memories and things they loved most.


On eve of Independence Day, OLX launched an initiative that collects stories of memories people cherish the most. As part of the initiative, a documentary was launched which is a representation of a memory fulfilled for the Khullar family.


The initiative was launched on the OLX Facebook page in India on the 8th of August, and the OLX Facebook page in Pakistan on the 12th of August with the help of static content depicting the timeless association between people and goods that they have been separated with and one’s thirst to be reunited with such items. It reaches out to its users to post stories of objects they wished to be reunited with on the OLX Facebook pages in India and Pakistan with #TimlessStories. Simultaneously, the brand also called out to owners of articles from the era to post listings on the OLX websites in both countries with a special hashtag #Daastaan.


This initiative is part of OLX’s larger vision to unlock the hidden values of things, through discovering the stories inherent in used objects. All of this is to take the conversation beyond the product and into the larger territory of “timelessness” of used goods.


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