Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My sister is going around with a journalist. But do journos earn well? Do I discourage her…?

20 Aug,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Good Morning! Welcome to Dear MxM. India’s very own ‘Agony Aunt’ for the media and advertising fraternity. It’s Q&A Time: Your Qs n Our As.


I know it’s a stupid question to ask, but as a professional who is going to be graduating in the next two years, I would like to know this: which is the best city to be in if you wish to work in the media, especially in the marketing and sales domains.


Far from stupid young man. It’s your career after ! If you ask me, it’s best to start off in a smaller place.  This provides the much-needed grounding to the young professional. One tends to work more diligently when you’re dealing with small clients etc. Networking and building lasting relationships is often best done at a smaller market.


Remember, you’re the big fish in the small pond. Swim with elan but work with that extra bit of dedication and passion. Demonstrating your latent talent at sales and Marketing is essential…Top this with honey smooth Client Service, and you have an absolute winner. Yup, that’s you my friend. All the very best.


This is a very personal question, but since you don’t disclose identities, I guess it’s okay to ask in a public forum. My sister is going around with a journalist and is considering marrying him. We are from a business family, and my parents say that journalists don’t do too well financially if they are operate ethically. It’s still early days in their relationship, so do you think we should discourage her from going ahead. Don’t worry, I won’t hold you and MxM India responsible… but it’s just that after being used to all the luxuries of life in our home, if the man in her life is not able to take care of her material needs, she may have problems.


While I do understand your concern as a brother, I must add that your parents’ perception of a journalist is unfortunately very warped. Yes, journos spend their best hours at work and they drink tea and coffee excessively, they do earn respectably unlike what it’s being made out to be.


In fact there are senior journalists in our country who earn salaries that can put many a CEO to shame.  I know this may sound like a letdown but this is the Plain Truth! Don’t forget that even though you may find one Rotten Egg in a crate of 100, it’s not necessarily the poor bird’s fault is it??


She’s your sister. Credit her with some sense, reason and intellect too.  I wish her all happiness in her married life. God bless the young couple. May they Live happy and with Dignity and Aplomb.


Sir, I have just completed my training period in a leading channel. While I am quite excited by the HR function, esp since it requires the dealing with various stars and creative folk, I am not sure if HR has much potential career-wise. Please advise.


Hello and thanks for your interest in Dear MxM. We are more than happy to be of help.  Unlike what you may think, the HR function is vast and offers tremendous opportunity. If you are a person who is enthralled by people, then it’s HR for you.


By the way, dealing with film stars and celebrities are part of your responsibilities by virtue of your current role in a channel. This is not a default responsibility in the HR function.  I am not too sure, as to which facet of HR interests you, but there is no shortage of excitement in this subject.


Recruitment, Staffing,Training & Development, and Organisational Development form the backbone of the Human Resource Management function.  It’s upto to you to master the craft of true excellence..The opportunities are plenty and it’s across industries, geographies and people. As I always say, Master the Craft. ..The Career will Follow !

It has to. Go Rock it Friend.


I was a star reporter with a leading regional newspaper in Tamil Nadu. Now my family is shifting to Maharashtra. I realise I can’t be a reporter there because I am not comfortable with Marathi or Maharashtrian language (whatever it is called) and Hindi. What should I do. I don’t want to leave my parents as they age…


Hi and Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM. Yes you got it right the first time. It is Marathi!


It’s really heartening to hear, that you’re forsaking a good job to look after your parents. I sincerely pray, that we see more sons and daughters who have such values. God Bless you always.


Coming back to your concern, I personally think it a good idea to talk to your present employers and work out a role for you in Maharashtra.


Not only would they benefit from your craft and experience but also be a catalyst to establish yourself in Maharashtra. Contrary to public belief, the State is still a Mecca for most professions.

Welcome to Maharashtra, my friend. You will rock.


Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end…But do not despair ! We will be back next week, same day, same space.  You guessed right, New Questions, Super New Answers… Meanwhile, please keep your questions flowing in at and please put ‘Dear MxM’ in the subject line




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