Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My friends are dissuading me but is it okay to tie a Rakhi to my boss?

27 Aug,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Welcome to this week’s Dear MxM. Your one and only forum for asking professional and as we see this week, some crazy personal questions!


Sir, my daughter is considering a career in the media. At the undergraduate level, would you recommend a BMM, BMS or a BBA course or one of the traditional undergraduate programmes?

Hello ! Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM. Happy to hear that your daughter is considering a media career. I would ideally have liked to have some more information on her specific interests in the media domain etc, nevertheless let me try and give you a better perspective.


A Bachelor in Media Studies from a reputed institute would certainly help her build a strong foundation for a career ahead in Media. This would also help her in terms of employability straight after her graduation.   In fact, good institutes today boast of excellent placements , what with all the leading media firms making a bee line to get the cream of the batch.


I must however add that doing a regular degree i.e. Bachelor of Arts, followed by a PG in Media / Communication is also a good option, provided she’s not planning to start her career post graduation.


Dear MxM would be happy to guide her, should she require any further inputs.  All good wishes to her for a great career in Media ; the industry with never a dull moment !


I am a journalist and am considering switching to PR. Your advice?

Hmmm ; Not enough bylines ? Or is it the remuneration ? Or genuine love for the PR industry ? I sincerely hope that you are really keen on the PR industry, else it can be very monotonous for a good journalist.


One of the important KRAs is to build strong relationships with media houses and journalists in particular. I presume you are much liked among your peers!


PR as an industry is doing fairly well and hence from a career perspective, it’s certainly worth looking at. All this, is assuming that you have decided to foresake the adrenalin of the journalistic domain.

Be well, my friend. All the best.


My client is a well-known automobile brand. Since the product hasn’t sold as expected, he’s considering changing his creative agency which will affect my employment. Do you think I could change his mind?

Well, that depends entirely on his analyses and reasoning behind the poor sales.

Irrespective of what you may possess in terms or sales acumen or advertising excellence, it’s finally the product that drives sales. If you have a bad product, sweet nothing will help sell it.  Advertising is a critical catalyst in the marketing plan and hence it needs regular review to ensure maximum efficacy.

If you swear by your agency’s work and quality, convince him to stay. If not, be fair and let him go get his money’s worth elsewhere !


Sir it’s Raksha Bandhan on Saturday, and I feel like tying a Rakhi to my boss. While he is a cool guy, my colleagues are dissuading me. Your view, Sir?

Wonders will never cease will they…!!

Young lady, I do hope you understand the True meaning and Sanctity of Raksha ZBandhan. I honestly don’t know how Good or Bad your rapport with the Boss is, but I can certainly tell you, that this is just short off professional sacrilege !

What do you expect to achieve ? If it’s genuine sisterly affection, then why ask…

I do hope better sense will prevail upon you this Raksha Bandhan. Amen.


Ladies & Gentleman, Have a Wonderful Weekend ! Take Good Care Of Yourself. 

Yes, we will be back next week with new Questions, Ekdum Taaza Answers & More….

Dear MxM Because We Care.

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