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13 Aug,2015

Amit Arora is a postgraduate in the field of marketing from Punjabi University. He holds rich expertise and experience of over seven years in the healthcare industry with marketing as a prime domain. He is been associated with Trivitron Healthcare for more than a year. Prior to Trivitron, he was working with HealthFore Technologies (formerly Religare Technologies (Healthcare IT organization of Religare/Fortis Group) and Hindustan Times.


As Senior Manager- Group Marketing & Corporate Communication, he heads brand & marketing activities and brand communication management (internal/ external) for Trivitron Healthcare and other group companies. Amit Arora speaks responds to Dyanne Coelhi for this edition of BTL Baatein


What is the importance of BTL in the space of healthcare products?

BTL is growing prominence in the marketing space as it is more customized and personal. Especially in the healthcare segment, BTL activities play a vital role to reach out to the right target audience. Healthcare is a personalized industry and each one’s requirement will differ. In order to reach out to individual audience and cater their specific needs BTL plays a prime role. BTL in healthcare also helps in sampling when the TG is niche, when budget is a concern and the brand wants to have a consumer connect. BTL has better ROI and physical display of healthcare products for better understanding and awareness.


Are there any specific products or services for which BTL activations are used at Trivitron?

Trivitron Healthcare is one of the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian Origin, offering 360 degrees products and solution with presence in Laboratory Products, Imaging/ Radiology Products, New Born Screening, Critical Care & ICU products, Operating Room, and Ophthalmology. For all our verticals we widely use BTL activities such as targeted healthcare conferences, events, CMEs etc. We at Trivitron participate/ organize more than 80+ domestic events & conferences and 10+ International events to showcase our products & solutions and reach out to the right audience.


With 8 manufacturing facilities spread across Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Helsinki in collaboration with international partners, we manufacture products across In–Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), New Born Screening, Patient Monitors, Imaging/ Radiology, Intensive Care and OT. We do many collaborative BTL activities with our channel partners across the globe for our manufacturing range of products.


How important is BTL activity to your overall marketing plan?

For us BTL is one of the prime pillars for product promotion activities. For our domestic as well as international market event participations, engagement activities, emails, brochures,  with healthcare fraternity is of major role. Our annual marketing plan is very well segregated and all activities are measured in return of investment (ROI).


Can you give a broad idea of your spends pie of ATL v/s BTL?

Considering BTL is our main focus, we allocate 60 percent of our marketing spends in BTL activities and remaining in Online and ATL activities. For us digital activities/ campaigning is more important than ATL. With internet taking a big spin for B2B and B2C segment, online looks more lucrative for today’s marketers. The power to reach the right audience, right geography, at a mass scale is making digital a clear return on investment platform. With the internet reaching increasing many fold, I am sure digital will take a major pie of our spending in coming years.


Can you also specify the range of activities that you undertake as part of the below-the-line advertising and promotion?

Under Below the line activities, we do majorly the healthcare event participations, focused group road shows in targeted cities, Product demonstration forums for healthcare fraternity, emails, brochures, awareness drives and collaborative activities with our channel partners for market penetration.


Do you prefer to do this through BTL agencies directly or via your existing creative/media agency?

We primarily do this through our existing agencies and sales and marketing teams in all our regions.


In terms of generating results esp from consumers and in B2B, do you find BTL a more sureshot avenue than ATL?

Since BTL is more targeted and specific, it is considered to derive better results and returns. However, online is the future and consumers are connected much more and have more information and choices at their fingertips today. The rise of such digital activities and resulting data is the stimulating factor for formulating strategies, thus affecting the business model and driving growth for players in the Indian market. On the other hand ATL advertising tries to reach out to the mass as consumer audience and not accurate in terms of ROI.


While sales and salience are good indicators of its success, what are the attributes you look at to measure the success of a BTL campaign?

For any of the BTL activities, the assessment begins with the right audience, cost to reach, cost to generate a lead for a business/ product and at the end cost per acquisition of a customer. But definitely, the first measure would be the right audience turn around & reach.


There are many organizations who often do new launches almost entirely on BTL aided with an outdoor and/or digital blitz? Your view on this. Given rising media costs, do you see BTL managing on its own, without ATL?

BTL with a digital blitz would be the right mix in coming days for new launches or rather for regular brand activities as well.


It is not a question of mass media versus below-the-line. It is an era of mass media plus below-the-line.


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