BARC-TAM: Did the industry kill TAM?

27 Aug,2015

By Our Research Editor


Let’s be clear on this. The only people responsible for TAM getting out of the television audience measurement business are the people who set up the body to do the job.


There were complaints of pilferage, corruption and incorrect data and analyses. Some of these complaints continue to come in for BARC data also, but since here the BARC stakeholders are all of those who could be complaining, we have murmurs and not shouting.


So TAM was made to exit, be it the politics of the industry or simply apathy.


While it was set up by a joint industry body, how much did they monitor and guide TAM?


Was there enough clarity, the way it is today?


Did the politics between the stakeholders see TAM in?


But, then, also did Nielsen and Kantar also not be progressive enough and make attempts to streamline operations and make it future-ready? Couldn’t the boxes have been manufactured locally?  Did Nielsen and Kantar use TAM to shore up their own global bottomline?


Many of these questions will stay unanswered and/or brushed under the carpet.


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