Askme & Askmebazaar unveils unique insights led communication campaign

07 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


Leading consumer Internet platform and its online marketplace have launched two comprehensive campaigns. Ranbir Kapoor is seen in these commercials for ASKME whereas Farhan Akhtar is new face in Askmebazaar iconic TVC. Both these campaigns aim to bring together Askme’s single proposition of ‘One stop destination’.


Askme’s campaign, ‘BAAP of all trends’ is in line with brand ethos of being ahead of the curve. Through this campaign, the company aims to position itself as the one stop destination that caters to diverse needs of a customer. With enormous options available online, today’s youth seeks some credible advice. Where to go, what to do and what to eat are questions that grapple today’s youth from Kanpur to Bandra. Askme seeks to provide answer to these questions and many more in times to come.


In a move to connect with today’s youth, the campaign aims to fill the gap between a whole plethora of options available in the online space but lack of one credible source for the same. Askme allows its customers to stay ahead with all the information from best places to travel to best places to eat at, and so on, all from one trustworthy online platform that is ASKME.


Further, with the launch of the campaign by, the company introduces a novel concept of online retail therapy. ‘One Click Therapy’ as the name suggests acts as the driving force for customers to lead a stress free life. Online marketplace in Askmebazaar is positioned as stress buster via retail therapy as it offers next day delivery on top brand with best deals.


Conceptualized by the creative agency JWT, both the campaigns use a comprehensive multimedia approach, compelling facts and vivid imagery designed to change consumers buying behavior.


Speaking on the occasion Manav Sethi, Group CMO, Askme said, “Both these campaigns are built on consumer insights. Search has moved from discovery to aggregated opinions and hence Askme assumes that leadership position across India to communicate best places to eat, wear, and relax etc. The option to transact these products and be in the trend is made available by Askmebazaar where majority find platforms such as these an option full of choices, brands and best prices and hence “stress mein don’t go bizarre; shop on askmebazaar”


Saurabh Saksena, Senior Vice President & Executive Business Director, J Walter Thompson said, “Over the past few years the consumers are turning to the internet to see what choices they have to make, whether for eating-out, travel destinations, fashion, gadgets, plays, etc. While there are many destinations that offers them choice, few offer them advise. The poor consumer is left asking people who they know (and who may not be experts) for their advise about where to eat, where to travel to, which movie to watch, what to wear and what gadget to buy, etc.


And these ‘advisors’ may not be the best people to ask. This forms the basis for our campaign, we have had most fun coming up with. “Don’t ask just about anyone, ask the BAAP of all trends,” offers to satisfy this need to get advise/ recommendations from a credible source, through curated experiences.”


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