#AaoBrowseKarein, says BlueStone.com in new TVC

13 Aug,2015

By A Correspondent


Bluestone.com has launched a TVC, #AaobBrowseKarein featuring VJ Yudhisthir and actor Ira Dubey which focuses on keeping the spark alive in relationships by browsing for jewellery together. It forgoes the traditional notion that the process of buying jewellery is only for women by creating a charming and romantic air around it.


Like in the previous campaign, the film features a young couple, played by Yudhishtir and Dubey. This time it is the wife (Ira), who instigates for a playful moment of intimacy and the husband (Yudhisthir) brushing it off ever so slightly. When she finally wraps her arms around him, he gives in and together they discover the romance in browsing for jewellery with BluesStone.com.


Talking about the ad film, Srinivas S, Chief Marketing Officer, BlueStone.com, said, “The insight behind this campaign was that the need for jewellery is a cry for romance. We believe that jewellery browsing together nested in the arms of your loved one can be an intensely romantic experience. The concept of ‘browsing’ in jewellery never existed, jewellery is just ‘bought’ as and when the need arises. BlueStone allows uninhibited and unlimited browsing of jewellery and offers greater freedom and control to the consumers Aao Browse Karein!”


Anil Thomas, Chief Creative Officer, Ralph and Das, said, “Spontaneity is what keeps romance alive in a relationship and we want to tap into that same spontaneity when it came to browsing for jewellery. We thought it would be interesting to create a sequel to the previous film where the husband beckons his wife to come to him for an intimate moment only to realise that he actually wants to show her the jewellery he has bought for her. We thought maybe it’s time for the wife to return the favour with the same playful innuendo”


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