MTV’s Splitsvilla will uncover what women want

01 Jul,2015

By Dyanne Coelho


MTVis back with its premier property MTV Splitsvilla 8 seeking to uncover ‘what women want’ with show hosts VJ Rannvijay and Sunny Leone. The creators of the show aimed to have more fun at the boys’ expense by changing the format of the show. To show the boys what women want, eight celebrity boys will be pitted against 8 regular boys to woo 14 girls.


Speaking at the launch Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head, MTV said, “Both Sunny and Rannvijay are heartthrobs in their own space. For them to come together is something new on Season 8. This new combination has given the show a whole new flavor. We have a record number of brand partners as well and we are looking forward to the launch.”


Sunny Leone returns on Splitsvilla 8 after a successful Season 7. “I’m thoroughly excited to be back on the show and I’m intrigued to find out what the boys will come up with to woo the women they like. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting and Rannvijay is just a big ball of energy,” she said.


The show that has been shot on the beaches of Goa, will have the boys going to any and every extent to make the woman of their choice happy. From pampering, to cooking and cleaning and showering some love, the boys have to win over the girls by hook or by crook. The eight boys include Zaan Khan, Paras Chabra, Utkarsh Gupta, Prince Narula, Ishaan Chibber, Viren Singh Rathore, Amaad Mintoo and Yash Pandit.


Season 7 of Splitsvilla saw a viewership of 100 million and the channel is looking at a higher number this season, Swamy said. “For the first time we’re doing Splitsvilla as a biweekly. So there’s more of everything. I think the audience wants more and we’re happy to give it to them,” he said.


Digital is leading the way for promotions and marketing activities, Swamy reveals. “We’ve built exclusive digital content around the show that we’re distributing on our platforms. This was the first time we launched with a music video. You’ll notice that we’re not very active in print, as young people are moving to digital and so are we, we’re very active digitally. More than a third of our activities are on a digital platform,” he said.


The question that runs through the minds of many is whether parts of the storyline are scripted. Shalini Sethi, Programming Head, MTV denied it saying that none of it is true and that the drama that occurs on the show is natural of tensions between boys and girls living under one roof, just like in a college hostel. “There is the drama, the jealously and it’s very natural. I think people have to realise it is reality. It’s just that people can’t believe that the shows can be done well, that’s why everyone says it’s scripted,” she said.


Splitsvilla 8 is set to premier on July 4, 2015 at 7pm on MTV.


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