‘Is Anyone Listening?’ @ Media Review 2015

22 Jul,2015


By A Correspondent


On a day that threatened to be washed out thanks to a heavy downpour, the Advertising Club hosted its annual event, Media Review 2015, on Tuesday in Mumbai. The speakers included Shashi Sinha, Chief Executive Officer, IPG Mediabrands India, Meenakshi Menon, Founder and Chairperson, Spatial Access; Pradeep Dwivedi, Chief Corporate Sales & Marketing Officer, Dainik Bhaskar Group, and Punitha Arumugam, Head of Agency Business (India & SEA) at Google.


Each speaker spoke on the topic ‘Is Anyone Listening? How Did Ad and Media Industry Combat The Challenge Of Continuous Partial Attention of Audiences.’


“The ad model cannot continue to behave like an ostrich,” Meenakshi Menon said stressing that clients want to see the model changed. Most agencies today have launched a digital unit, but have no idea what to do with it, she added. “Companies live quarter to quarter, clients are restless and CMOs want to change the set up,” Menon said.


Pradeep Dwivedi painted a colourful portrait of the print medium in India. The challenge is of how to get your attention back, he said talking about how we ought to rediscover print. It is not true that print isn’t emotional he said, print can be just as emotional as TV he pointed out highlighting a few print ad campaigns that were much talked about. “Print continues to evolve, and it takes up social issues as well more than any other medium,” Dwivedi said. Marketers need to get out of this metrocentricity, step out of the metros and figure out what people want, he said.


Shashi Sinha, dwelled on the topic of managing media in a continuous partial attention world. He quoted Lord Kelvin, ‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it’, he said stressing on the importance of having a reliable measurement system in place. The core reason for the well-being of the industry is measurement, he pointed out. “Programmatic is the buzzword these days and we ought to link digital, TV and print measurement,” he said.


“Big egos have little ears,” Punitha Arumugam said talking about the importance of paying attention to the consumers. “We have to listen to the consumer in this moment, now, not tomorrow,” she said. Arumugam cited examples of advertisements that have paid attention to the needs of the consumer no just on a product level but beyond. She spoke about Dabur’s ‘Brave and Beautiful’ ad campaign as well as Dove’s ‘Be Beautiful’ campaign. She also discussed the thought behind the Horlicks’ ad that set out to prove that Horlicks mixes in milk before you can skip the ad.


Sam Balsara, Founder and Chairman, Madison World led the panel discussion with the four speakers next. The panellists discussed the changes taking place with the dawn of the new media and whether this changes the traditional values in this space. “The pivot is no longer the medium, but the consumer. The industry this needs to change pivot,” Menon emphasised.


Very soon, agencies are going to be independent data providers, Arumugam said. “Tomorrow there’ll be data available in plenty; it’s about how you use the data.”


The evening also witnessed a presentation on AdAsia 2015, Taipei to be held from November 22 to 25, 2015.


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