Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: There is no committee for sexual harassment complaints in my organisation…

24 Jul,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Here we are. Your Questions. Our Answers. For, we care.


Sir, I joined my organisation a few months back and find that there is no committee to look after sexual harassment complaints as per the law. While I don’t see any specific sexual harassment cases in my organisation right now, as a woman, the existence of a committee is reassuring that there is some forum to take care of your rights. I am an entry-level executive and don’t want to harm my chances. What should I do?

Hi, and Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM. You are absolutely justified in expecting your company to have complied with the law and constituted a sexual harassment committee. If at all you are discussing this, do so only informally rather than coming across as someone, who has pre-conceived notions of her work place.


This is the time for you to put your best foot forward,make a mark and create an unique niche for yourself. Focus on your craft my friend. All the rest will fall into place committee included!!


Stop worrying .The world isn’t as bad as it seems


My boss is the best salesman I have ever seen. But just as he’s good, he also has a mercurial temperament. I tried to get him to meditate as you recommended a few weeks back, but he isn’t able to do it. I have spoken to the boss’s wife and asked her to take him to a shrink, but she’s not sure it’s a good idea. What is your recommendation

A mercurial temperament could actually be beneficial to your boss’s health. Contrary to popular belief, most often it’s the people with a calm exterior that get hit hardest . Mental ailments such as anxiety, mood swings, alcoholism, depression etc are all become rampant now.


Getting back to your query, personally the decision to consult a psychiatrist is not something you or me can take standing on the periphery. I would imagine his wife would know best !


Why not leave this decision to his family? There will only do what is best for him, keeping in mind all factors.


Sir, I was a confirmed employee until last month when management offered me a contractual employment with hike in salary. While I am happy about the money, the job-in-perpetuity safety net has gone. What is your view on both the options?

To be honest I can’t think of any job today that can offer you both safety and permanence. Eventually what matters is your happiness and satisfaction!


My advice would be to accept the contractual employment and forget about the  detail.


You have given your best all these years. Now you are getting paid for it. Enjoy the raise my friend. Take care and all the very best.


I called the MxMIndia office with a desire to meet with you for counselling. But I was told you live in Pune and Bengaluru and we can’t meet you. What is the truth? Can we do a Skype consultancy?

Justice is served. The Truth is finally out in the open. I am a gypsy and I shuttle between towns and cities. Boundaries are for the cartographers or so i believe.


Yes, we can certainly meet but before that, i would need to have a few details and hence request you to mail me at Given the personal and confidential nature of one to one counselling, I am constrained to list the details required in this column. I trust all of you understand.


Have an Exciting & Happy Weekend! I will be back next week with ‘New & Improved’ Answers.


Jai Hind! (sometimes i wonder why the public at large,desist from using this salutation to our country more often. It’s our INDIA after all). Amazingly Proud To Be An Indian…….


The questions may be shot off at the earliest to with ‘Dear MxM’ mentioned in the subject line


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