Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My company has hired a new CEO who hasn’t performed… and the owner doesn’t listen

03 Jul,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Dear Friends,

Greetings and Welcome to Dear MxM!


Am overwhelmed with your positive feedback to last week’s column. It’s this warmth that we attempt to reciprocate, week after week. Thanks again for the suggestions, the requests, the words of encouragement and the occasional critique to keep us on our toes.


Paradoxically, the very fact, that most of you wrote in asking for more such relaxation techniques, is in itself disturbing.


Stress is a lethal Trojan. It slips in unnoticed, auto-runs and soon enough re-writes  the very OS that it rides on. We must find method in this madness. MxM India is committed to this cause. 


That’s the Truth. End of story.


Your Questions, Our Answers. Read on.



I am a Senior marketing professional working with a government department near Delhi. My interest in the media got me to your site and your column. It is excellent and doing great service.  Mr Das, while I have a good income and there is much job stability, I was wondering if it is a good idea to switch to a marketing job with a media company. Please advise.

Thank you Sir!! Am indeed humbled by these kind words of encouragement. Means a lot…

Media is the most exciting platform for a marketer! I am biased and will be for the rest of my life.

I have been part of its (read print) metamorphosis from the sanctum sanctorum of news to its current avatar, a business. So what if ‘breaking news’ this morning is all about a Bollywood diva turning vegan.. You can always read the indepth story of the brand that is changing the way we breathe.

Media will remain an incomparable High for every discerning marketer. Perform or Perish. For me, it’s the blood that runs in my veins . Inseparable. Yet, I say no! Please stay right where you are.


India needs marketing talent now. There is little doubt that as a country, we are now poised for tremendous change, and change for the better I would imagine. Media can wait , Market India!  Give her body, give her your time and empower her to become a superpower . She can.

Our children must walk head high .They must know that there isn’t a better country .

Jai Hind!


My company – in the business of news media – has  had a new CEO who joined the organisation some six months back. Unfortunately, the organisation’s sales are going down, and I find that the owner is not doing anything about it. At first I thought it is only fair to give him more time, but in these times, a down slide for a full year can set one back majorly. What do you think I should do? Please advise.

A sharp drop in revenues for any media organisation in today’s fiercely competitive buyer’s market can signal doom. News media organisations cannot sustain without marketing and sales acumen of the highest order. I am surprised the owner of this company is unable to hear the alarm bells. He or She probably has other business interests, and media is now just another toy to play with.

Your concern for this organisation is certainly worthy of immense respect. If i can hazard a guess, you have given this company and its brands its best years of revenue generation.

Dear MxM would be happy to help you in whatever way we can,  and for a start, assure you that your craft will always berecognised.

You have given this company your best years , your unquestionable loyalty and your heart. It’s a pity the owner brought in a new chief executive (performer or otherwise ) when there is true passion in his backyard. Unwind, toss a coin high into the air. Heads you win, Tails he loses. The business of media is not Maya.


Sir, I have heard you are going to turn 50 soon. Sorry, to be asking a personal question.. but at what age and at what juncture you realise you are cut out for the news media and not hotel management that you studied for?

Wow ! Do you know my time of birth as well?  Jokes apart thanks for writing in. Feels good.

To be honest, I had no enlightenment such.

The hotel that hired me on campus, refused to move me from the Front Office to Marketing. I worked 12-16 hours/day muck like the proverbial horse and yet I felt bored.  I walked out into the sun, and barged into the first office I saw.

An hour later, I walked again, this time with a water purifier strapped on my back . I learnt sales on the streets of Chennai. Thank God for the purifier . It changed my life.

The move to media happened six months later. A leading media house was looking for a Sales Executive to be based at Trivandrum. Malayalam was essential, more so since this job demanded travel across Kerala.

My parents were there at that point of time, so I gave it a shot. You don’t meet a Mallu. They happen to you.

My employer realised this the hard way .

Media is the ‘other’ woman in my life. My wife has finally accepted this reality. I flirt with reckless abandon.

At times this works well. Don’t worry about the timing or juncture my friend !

Just follow your heart. Its invariably right .


My agency worked very actively for a marketing campaign, but the Cannes Lions metal has gone to another agency  which had entered for the award. It is so unfair.  While my boss advised me that just stating on my CV that I have worked on the campaign is enough along with a letter from him and the client, but I am not sure. Please advise?

Yes , that’s proof of the pudding enough!  I know the Cannes Lion means the world to you right now, but believe me it’s the lack of it, that will prove to be your biggest catalyst to win.

Master your craft. Win you will. All the very best !


See you next week , same day, same space.  Inbox your questions to putting Dear MxM in subject line.


Have a blast this weekend. Celebrate life.


Take good care of yourself.


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