Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is the rule of disallowing a husband & wife to work in same co legal?

31 Jul,2015

By Jaisurya Das


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Last week, my HR department slapped a new rule at me saying that either my boyfriend or I have to quit the organisation because the company does not encourage employment of the husband and the wife working in the organisation. I think the rule is unfair as we were unmarried when we were joined. Sir, is this rule legally tenable? Please advise.

Hello and thanks for writing in to Dear MxM!


Am sorry to disappoint you my friend but yes this is a corporate policy/diktat which is tenable in a court of law.


It May be further noted that: Signing of an Appointment Order/ Employment Contract /Document Is Deemed to be the Prospective Employee’s Complete Comprehension/ Understanding and Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of the said institution/ company/AOP etc.


I have, for the sake of this example assumed, that both of you have signed a document of appointment, after being shown the entire content of the same. My honest advice to you is to explore new career opportunities in the market. For all you know, both of you may land terrific jobs, rendering your current employment seem like a mere detail for the CV.


I would urge you to stay clear of any legal process, as this may be detrimental to both your existing and future employment. It may interest you that the undersigned has experience in handling such a case on behalf of the media house i worked with. On more than occasion, the Hon.Court of Law ruled in the company’s favour.


I work as a journalist with a leading English channel currently having operations in only one language. But I understand going forward with the channel’s plans to merge operations with a Hindi channel​, only those who are bi-lingual will be retained. This could be endless. Finally the management will want us to be fluent in 10 languages. What is your view on this?

Greetings! It’s obvious that you are viewing this from a very negative  perspective. My apologies for being candid on this, but this is what we are about. We say what we have to, but only because we care for you.


Reading your mail, I was instantly transported to the dense jungles of Africa where the pro-active shoeseller set foot upon, only to reinvent the need for footwear. The rest is history….


I wish you all success ahead. And yes, if you wish to give this thought, then list down the potential opportunity this multi-lingual TV house is giving you on a platter.


By Jove! Wake up, my friend!! Negativity has no place on a career roadmap.


I am nearing retirement but am fit as a fiddle and believe I can work for the next 20 years. What is the scope for employment for a 58-year-old as a marketing professional in the media?

Hello Sir! I am honoured that you have written in to us at Dear MxM Welcome aboard the MxM family. Join us in our endeavour to infuse hope, determination, positivity and good cheer in our fraternity.


Indeed Sir, There is always ample scope for a seasoned professional like you. I am surprised that your current employer has not offered you an extension / new assignment post the date of retirement. Such energy and enthusiasm, is difficult to come by today, despite the average age having plummeted down in most media houses.


I would attribute this to both myopic vision of the principal shareholders/ CEOs as well as their lack of skill, in distinguishing the wheat from the chaff. Age is probably a limiting factor if you are at the controls of a formula car/fighter planes, Fitness I understand but calendar age in marketing??


My apologies to my good friends who own/ lead media companies but I am a maverick. You branded me so. I must live it to the hilt!


All good wishes, Sir. Do let us know if we can be of any assistance to you ever.


Have a stupendous weekend my friends. Live it with reckless abandon for we will be back with you next week , same space . Yes with New Questions and Brand New Answers !


Do take good care of yourselves. Goodbye for now!


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