Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: If I am asked in an interview who is my role model, what should I say? I don’t want to say it’s Mahatma Gandhi…

16 Jul,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Sorry about missing out on last week. The laptop crashed and some other engagements ensured that I could turn in your answers because of another commitment. But we now have a bank and write a week ahead, leaving enough time for contingencies. Meanwhile and without further ado: Your Questions. Our Answers, Ruthlessly Candid. Because We Care.


Sir, I am the same person who asked you about the new CEO in my media company. Some of my colleagues don’t agree with your response. They say that the owner has given him a long rope. The honeymoon period will last at least a year. My concern is that in this one year, we could run into irreversible growth. What should I do?

The time has come my friend. You must move on before it gets the better of you.  I know how tough it is, yet at times,it pays to be selfish.


“Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.”


Do I need to say more ?


Sir, I want to be a marketing executive in a newspaper and am due to complete my MBA next week. In my internship, I was asked a question on who my role model is from the media fraternity. I said Rupert Murdoch and got slammed. Then I gave the name of a few Indian media owners, and I was cross-questioned again. I know you can’t give me the name of who should I say is my role model, but still what is a safe name to give in an interview. And, unlike beauty pageant contestants, I don’t want to say Mahatma Gandhi is my role model! LOL

The undersigned has granted you the permission, to declare that he is your Role Model. This permission is being granted strictly for non-commercial purposes only .


I trust the query has been answered to your satisfaction! J


I hate to admit it, but you have me completely stumped on this one!  I don’t even know what qualities I should be looking for in a potential role model! However, if someone were to ever ask me this, I would probably have said that, I was my own role model. In any case, in today’s world, there is no legacy to ride on. You are finally as good as your previous day’s performance.


They make leaders now, not mentors. I was lucky I had a mentor who believed in me. He still does. I explored, experimented and delivered. I knew he was there if ever I messed up. They don’t make people like that anymore. Thank you, Sir. God is kind.


Sir, you wrote you are a hotel management graduate. If you have give the ‘menu’ of a successful media manager, what would it be (like 100 gms of confidence, 200 gms of knowledge etc etc)?

Simple. Good luck, gift of the gab, survival instinct , academics, skill,honesty of purpose and the passion to learn, to excel. The proportions don’t matter. Just do what you like with all of this.


It will turn out well. Go for it. All the best.


See you next week ! Take good care of yourself. Your Questions, Our Answers.


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