Amith Prabhu: New age brands that have built themselves using smart Public Relations

13 Jul,2015

By Amith Prabhu


In the past couple of years we have heard more about start-ups than any time in the previous years. And among all the stories of these new age companies, a few stand out. They are built by solid teams and have mostly made news for the right reasons. In this column, I have compiled a list of a dozen companies that have made news, stayed the course and survived to lead the categories they operate in. This is not a comprehensive list but nevertheless is a made up of companies that have built brand with smart use of Public Relations.


First up, are the two poster boys of e-commerce. Flipkart and Snapdeal. They are talked of in the same breath and have grown from strength to strength through smart inward investments and some smart acquisitions. They are in the news each single day.


Next, in my list is Ola. This company has made city commuting a breeze alongside its international rival. But more than anything, the positive word of mouth it gets from its drivers is worth mentioning. Zomato is the brain child of a young consultant which has gone onto buying several companies across various countries. Today, this app dictates where one should go for a date, or to just grab a bite or for a nice brunch. Completely built through word of mouth.


PayTM is a boon for those who do not own a credit card. This mobile wallet company is a gateway for those who use Uber. It is going places and has some very smart investors. Next up is Micromax. This handset-maker is giving a tough fight to established players like Samsung in the mobile device market. Largely built on high quality at low pricing.


Indigo Airline is the only profitable airline and is less than 9 years old. Though not a start-up in the true sense it has the heart of a start up in everything it does. One of the coolest brands around and has done very well for itself. Make My Trip is the online booking portal which has become the default website to plan holidays, book air tickets and reserve hotel rooms. Again, a good example of how brands are built through word of mouth.


Urban Ladder and Blue Stone are two of the nearly dozen brands which have drawn the attention of Mr Ratan Tata. That in itself is good public relations. Few other brands in this list have managed to do that. But when unknown brands manage that they indeed get noticed.


Lastly, Housing would have featured in this list of smart Indian brands but then I chose to keep it out for obvious reasons. The two brands I want to highlight are media brands that are making waves. Scroll and Scoop Whoop have made their presence felt with uniquely different yet refreshing brand of journalism.


When you think of Public Relations and are seeking ideas, think of what these twelve brands have done uniquely to stay in the news or make news. Lots of stories are hidden that can ignite and inspire. Please share your list in the comments section.


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