Amith Prabhu: 10 steps to being better PR professionals

27 Jul,2015

By Amith Prabhu


I am asked this question time and again as to what it takes to be good PR professionals. There is no one answer and it is subjective but broadly there are a few pointers that can help the good to become better in the professional environment.


Request for or draft written briefs: A good PR professional should request for briefs from the client and if working in-house should practise the habit of giving clear-cut written briefs. This is the harbinger of campaign planning.


Organise campaigns: A career in PR is incomplete unless one works from campaign to campaign. I still recall working on over two dozen campaigns in my first job over 42 months. They ranged from a variety of launches to fashion weeks, they included a campaign to manage a crisis and a campaign to organize a golf tour for a leading liquor brand.


Read a lot: This is a no-brainer. PR professionals I have met in the last three month do not buy PR books. Even worse most do not buy any books. And I have met over 300 professionals in the last three months whom I asked for a show of hands if they had purchased books and 290 out of over 300 had not bought a book.


Write for joy: The same set of 300 was asked if they wrote a blog and the answer was no different. 97% had not written a blog or atleast had not written one in the previous 12 months. When will we make writing for joy a habit?


Travel plenty: One of the best life’s lessons are learnt during journeys. PR professionals should travel to explore, to learn and to experience new places, new people, new cultures, new cuisines and get a taste of life that is unique every now and then. At least one holiday for a week annually should be undertaken for the sole purpose of experiencing and exploring.


Attend learning events: Set aside a budget to attend conferences, seminars and training programmes. Several of them are affordable or even free. But making the time to benefit from them needs a plan.


Get involved with new things: More often than not we are stuck within a box we create for ourselves. Sometimes, getting out of the shell and seeking new opportunities within the organisation is a fun way to embrace new ideas. Ask another team leader to involve you on a project just for a different kind of exposure.


Go above and beyond: Help someone in need. Support a cause. Give back. These are not easy but they certainly open new horizons and offer new perspectives.


Ask periodic feedback: Never miss a chance to ask your supervisor for feedback on an ongoing basis. That way there is constant scope for improvement and amends can be made then and there.


Find a mentor: Most importantly, find a mentor early on during the professional journey. This is one aspect that goes a long way. And at some point ensure you pay it forward by being a mentor.


What are the other ways to be outstanding, street smart and restless to do more and be more? Please share your thoughts and add to the list.


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  1. Jitendra Choudhary says:

    sir, plz do suggest some good PR books to read as a student or as a professional.