94.3 My FM launches rap anthem

14 Jul,2015

By A Correspondent


94.3 MY FM has launched the Radio rap anthem. The anthem encapsulates the product philosophy and seamlessly highlights the organization’s customer centric focus, the science behind picking up the song list, how unique and interesting content is created for the listeners and the value addition our expert panel bring to the listeners. The anthem has been composed and sung by rapper Badshah, and will also be available on youtube.


The jingle has invigorating and refreshing twist matching the genre of peppy taste, who admire trendy rap. As music style permeates to the ethos of rap lovers, the jingle also reaches out to its listeners through Badshah by spreading the message of most wide spread rap songs frequently played on 94.3 MY FM.


An Integrated marketing campaign is organized for the RAP song through various platforms of traditional and online marketing. The campaign is promoted heavily using print innovation in Dainik Bhaskar and DNA, to give it maximum exposure through digitally equipped social platforms like-Youtube/Facebook. The anthem is also available as ring tone across various mobile operators serving the purpose of business to consumer. The campaign also envisions to ensure the brand connectivity which will be the most vital aspect of the campaign.


On the release of new Anthem, Viplove Gupte-National Programming Head quoted, “Sometimes it just starts with a very vague idea in mind. Such ideas come only during brainstorming. The idea was to create an anthem for radio. While exploring the options on who should create this anthem, one name came very prominently who was not only popular but a supremely talented too – Badshah. Music aficionados have known him for long, when he used to write and perform rap for other singers to when he finally decided to come on his own and as they say, he created history. For regular listeners, Badshah is the man/ creator/ singer/ composer behind two of the most popular hits of last year – Saturday Saturday and Abhi to party shuruhuyihai.”


Harrish M Bhatia

Commenting on the release, Harrish M Bhatia, CEO 94.3 MY FM said “the vibrant and widely popular Badshah composed the Jingle purely out of his own imagination. He had a brief to work upon, but there was no restriction from our side, hence you can hear the style of Badshah meeting the content of MY FM. This initiative is first of its kind. No other radio station in the world has ever created a rap anthem describing the content of the radio station. Not only it showcased what our philosophy is but, also how we bring unique content to our listeners.”


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