Mother-of-all-slip-ups as Mumbai Mirror publishes matrimonial ad praising ‘Hindu’

08 Jun,2015

By A Correspondent


Given that we aren’t quite in the market for either a groom or a bride, we normally give the matrimonial ads in the various papers a miss. But when we were alerted about it later in the evening, we couldn’t help laughing out loud. Well, actually it was more of rolling on the floor laughing out loud. Or ROFLOL, in whatsapp-ese.


So there was this matrimonial ad on Page 39 of Mumbai Mirror yesterday (Sunday, June 7), under the Cosmpolitan sub-headed. It started with:  “WANTED: Groom who reads The Hindu.”


It was okay until then, but it later became evident that someone in the Times of India classified sales room has been had. Read this: “Because The Hindu reports the truth. The writing is crisp and brilliant.”


It was clear that this is someone from a rival publication’s dirty tricks department. We’ve heard that the winds of change are blowing at the Mount Road MahaVishnu (as the Hindu is known, given its HQ is located on Mount Road in Chennai and it’s revered much by readers and all constituents), but we are not sure if the Hindu could take a joke to this level.


Or it could be some other competitor, who will now use this as a testimony of the standards that it follows.


Or it could be from someone within the system out to crucify and embarrass the biggie heading the matrimonials department.But the last line in that ad is what will really hurt Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited hard, and make everyone in that organisation hand his/her head in shame. “And they read their ads before they post them.”


Read the entire ad again: “WANTED: Groom who reads The Hindu. Because The Hindu reports the truth. The writing is crisp and brilliant. And they read their ads before they post them.”


In Bambaiyya, in the typical ‘tapori language of Mumbai’, one would say: “Poora, khol diya, bhai”. Or “Ijjat ka royal falooda banayaa”. Indeed.


An important gatekeeping lesson for not just the folks at BCCL, but in every newsroom in the country. Watch that classified ad before  it’s published!


Meanwhile, even though ideally some heads ought to roll for what’s happened, we would urge the BCCL management to handle this with care. And if you are going to sack/transfer the juniormost employee for this, ensure that his/her biggest boss also gets the same treatment.


Uff, did we say a bit too much? Kya?

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