MediaAsides: Times mulls realty channel, Anil Thakraney’s crime novel characters resemble media folk…

22 Jun,2015

By Mediaahwallah


And on a day when Pratap Bose has announced his new agency, we are back dearies.  With some goss, some asides and some gupshup.


Times Network to launch real estate channel

We aren’t sure whether this it’s going to be very high on the ratings roster, but our sources in Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, DN Road and Kamla Mills Compound tell us that it’s going to happen soon.


The spreadsheets have been approved, the sanctions have been got and if all goes as per plan, Times Network will launch a full-fledged channel on the real estate sector.

If our memory serves us right, in the mid-1990s, NEPC had come up with an exclusive real estate channel. It didn’t last too long.

But in the case of Times of India group, the real estate sector depends a great deal on the print avatar, so this could well work.

We will wait and watch.


Lalit Modi takes on Vineet Jain


Lalit Modi

Vineet Jain

If you don’t follow Lalit Modi on Twitter, do so now (the handle is @lalitkmodi).

Obviously reacting to the aggressive coverage on him on Times Now, Modi is now taking the battle to the Times camp, and he has been taking on Bennet, Coleman (the Times of India and Times Now parent company) managing director Vineet Jain in his tweets.

None of Modi’s attempts to embarrass Jain have been successful so far, as other than tweeting several times all of the weekend, there has been no dramatic claim or expose. Until the time of writing at least.



Anil Thakraney’s crime novel has characters having close resemblances with media folk

Anil Thakraney

MxMIndia regulars and folks in the ad and media business are familiar with Anil Thakraney’s writings.  Thakraney’s first book – a crime thriller — is due to be released on July 22 and is titled ‘An Invitation to Death’. The story is about a serial killer and is set in contemporary India.  According to info available on Thakraney’s website (, the protagonist is Darius Irani, a hyper-intelligent young man who goes on a murderous spree, targeting young, beautiful, urban women, who fall prey to his easy charm, sense of humour and innate madness.

Any characters in the book resembling people in advertising and journalism, we asked someone in the know. “Yes,” we were told. “Especially in the media.  He has not even tried to conceal the resemblance too much.”

Aha! One book we are going to pre-book for sure. And since deliveries will happen a month from today, we’ve requested for the first chapter which is available for free.


Can’t wait to play the guessing game!


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