Maxus unveils proprietary tool ‘Maxus T2D’

30 Jun,2015

By A Correspondent


Maxus has announced the launch of a revolutionary tool—’T2D’, for planning excellence in e-commerce category. The tool has been developed keeping in mind the need for real time impact of TV on website traffic.


Maxus T2D is a screen to screen predictor from television to digital. As television contributes to more than 70 per cent of spends in e-commerce category, the Maxus T2D tool offers an easy platform to optimize TV plans to build website traffic. This innovative tool would be able to deliver plans that closely impact platform level numbers and hence focus on direct impact.


The highlight of the T2D Maxus tool is that it delivers sharper planning focus to drive traffic and predicts the lag effect of TV to the platform (website, app) traffic.


Speaking about the relevant of this innovative tool in the contemporary e-commerce landscape, Kartik Sharma, Managing Director, Maxus said, “With the ever evolving market dynamics in the ecommerce sector, it is important to find innovative solutions to pressing business roadblocks. Our new offering T2D tool helps in leveraging the immense clout of the television medium to scale up website traffic. This tool has already found a great resonance with the e-commerce industry practitioners and it is going to be the next value addition in the sector that is always on the lookout for innovative approach to business challenges and changes.”


Priti Murthy

Priti Murthy, Chief Strategy Officer, Maxus, adds, “We are excited about our new product—the T2D Maxus tool that captures the power of the television medium for building website traffic. Given the reality and growing spurt of the e-commerce market, we firmly believe that the clients will benefit from this revolutionary tool to make better media decisions. Also, on a whole this will change the impact of television on website traffic.”


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