Mediaah! It’s time English News TV ecosystem stops being sexist and considers women viewers watching Eng news + BARC Data Watch

12 Jun,2015

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


The news channels keep debating about how women get a raw deal in our country. How India is a male-dominated society. Anchors and activists get your blood to a boil, an Arnab Goswami makes kheema out of anyone even talking about women in the negative.


But these very broadcasters and their advertisers and media agencies who buy advertising on these channels keep pushing a regressive perception that only men watch English news channels and that advertisers buy spots on English channels because men watch them.


This belief also suggests that women are typically not viewers of English news channels, that they don’t consume serious content and current affairs etc. Even if it’s not intended, the same progressive English news channel companies and those who run it are stereotyping women into what they quite definitely are not.


A quick look at the English news channel viewership data from BARC  for Week 22 and Week 21 clearly indicates that women can’t be dismissed in terms of viewership numbers of English news channels (See Table Below). In fact, Times Now has an equal number of female and male viewers. India Today Television has women scoring a little less than men and even in the other channels it’s not that women form a miniscule viewership.


Time that English news television ecosystem takes our women viewers seriously!

 Data Source: BARC


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