Interface unveils campaign to ‘Save the Mountain’

09 Jun,2015

By A Correspondent


Interface Communications along with Fuji Bikes has created a campaign to save the mountains, which are a rich source of natural resources. Mountain bikers and local villagers came together to execute this bold idea – they built a temple on the mountain. Both of them share a common love for the mountains – one for their love of the extreme terrain it provides and the other because of the spiritual meaning a mountain holds.


Unfortunately, in many rural parts of India, the surrounding mountains are being destroyed for their natural resources and to make space for new industrial developments. The stone that is mined from the mountains is used for road building and other infrastructure activities. And the space created by mining out the mountains is used for commercial or residential purposes. The most affected are the poor villagers and tribes who not only live in the vicinity of the mountains but also worship them.


In a country like India where religion is a super-sensitive issue, no one would dare to break a temple. And one cannot destroy the mountain without destroying or damaging the temple. Hence the mountain is saved!


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