Elephant creates visual identity Eicher Polaris’ Multix

19 Jun,2015

By a Correspondent


You’ve read about the Multix already, but here’s something that you possibly don’t know much about. But first: Eicher Polaris Pvt Ltd, a jv between Polaris Industries and Eicher Motors has unveiled the Multix, billed as India’s first personal utility vehicle.


While developing the Multix, Eicher Polaris approached Elephant to create the visual identity, it’s 3D avatar and livery.


Elephant has helped build two significant automobile brands in its 25 years of being in the business. The rebranding of Bajaj Auto and then a distinction of being the only design consultancy outside Germany to have created a new brand for Daimler Group called Bharat Benz for their India-centric trucks.


Here’s an account of the work done, courtesy the Elephant Design website:


As a ground-up innovation, Multix is designed as a concept that brings about a positive multiplier in the owner’s life, be it home, business or power.


The Multix brand is inspired by the Indian concept of “zindagi multiplied” aesthetics. The badge has been designed as a perfect geometry, and has layers to discover and identify with. At the first glance it is a happy bloom in cheery yellow, which is also the primary brand colour. But if you look again, it is an elegant enclosure to the multiplier symbol, which really is the essence of this brand. Multix is designed to be an enabler for unlocking & multiplying potential opportunities resulting in prosperity.


Typography is clean and contemporary, yet the lower case “m” starts the conversation on a friendly note with emphasis on technology and ending by reiterating the multiplier effect.


Colour palette is largely built around bright colours evident everywhere in India.


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