Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Why are people from smaller towns considered 2nd class citizens in the job market?

04 Jun,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Like every Thursday, senior mediaperson and counsellor Jaisurya Das responds to reader questions on careers and life in general with some practical and pragmatic tips


I have relocated from one of the state capitals to Mumbai to work in an ad agency. I have around nine years’ experience, but I find that none of that experience is counted. I am an MBA, and I think I am as good as some of my colleagues. Why are people from smaller towns considered as second-class citizens in the job market?
Not to worry my friend . master your craft and the career will follow. A myopic boss can be indifferent , give you a terrible appraisal and take your job away, but the craft is yours for keeps! No one can take that from you.


The work experience you have, coupled with an MBA  ( provided that it’s from a recognised institution),  will certainly make a difference.


Do not push so hard on the door looking for happiness, it opens inward! Master your craft. It’s not easy but walk that extra mile, my friend. You won’t regret it.


I don’t know whether you are aware of the job market in West Bengal. My friend is from Asansol. He is truly creative. Is there scope for Bengali creative professionals?

Where is the doubt young man?!  Some of the best creative professionals our country can boast off are Bengali.  Your friend must walk head high, and carry his portfolio with immense confidence.


Please be rest assured that soon enough ,he will find his place and be in august company.


My son is in Class 12. He wants to get into marketing. Is it better to do a BMS and then an MBA or do a BA or B Com and then later an MBA? Please advise.

Certainly ma’am . It’s our raison d’être!


If it’s marketing that he’s keen about , I would suggest he pursues  a regular BA/BCom , after which he can equip himself for the PG entrance exams.


Ideally, in his second year of graduation , he should start working towards securing admission to the best B-Schools  ; IIM, XLRI, Bajaj , SIBM , FMS – Delhi etc.


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Thanks indeed for the overwhelming response to Season 2 .  I am humbled beyond words.  I will certainly try and accommodate as many questions as possible.


Ed, space permitting , can we ramp up to taking five questions ? I think we must…!  Look after yourselves,  and live life like never before !!! (Sure :- ) – Ed)


See you next week, same day , same space.


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