Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is there any formal training one requires to get into adsales?

12 Jun,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Dear MxM is normally carried on Thursdays. Due to a technical hitch, we couldn’t carry this yesterday. So here goes. And we’ll be back next Thursday…- Ed


Greetings! Welcome to the ‘New, Improved ‘ Dear MxM,

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Okay, so let’s get to the Q&A…


My neighbour is excellent in writing, but is a college drop-out. She is interested in editing and subbing copy, and I have seen that she can make for a good desk hand. But she’s a drop-out after Class 12 and finds that most big employers do not employ non-graduates. Is this really so? And why?

True, a degree from an UGC-approved university is mandatory nowadays and this is true of both large and medium corporates. It’s the primary filter used across functions in screening applications.


This requirement can certainly be fulfilled, provided your neighbour is ready to take that effort. She should enrol to a credible UGC-approved open university like IGNOU etc . They offer a variety of subjects, provide course material as well as conduct contact programmes in most cities in India.  It may not be advisable for her to delay this any further, since entry-level requirements are only set to get more stringent in the days to come.


All friends tell me I have a good face on news television but I only need to improve my diction. How do I do that, Sir? I live in Lucknow and there are no classes for diction here. I searched the internet, and found nothing in Delhi either. Please help.

Am surprised there are no Conversational English (I presume the reference being made is to English diction ) classes in Lucknow and Delhi!


All the same , you could ideally connect with the English department in the university who may have a database of spoken English tutors in your city. Recruitment firms (call centre specialists) will also help you with names of call centre trainers  who focus on sharpening diction, intonation etc .


The trainers focussing in the UK process would be best suited for your requirement.


There are also several audio/ video training DVDs which could help in giving you a quick start with your diction training. Crossword, Landmark and leading online booksellers like Amazon and Flipkart are all well-stocked with training material in the digital format.


Sir, Is there any formal training one requires to get into advertising sales in TV channels and newspapers?

Yes, it’s essential to have a good degree in order to even clear the application screening process. A normal graduation coupled with a PG degree or diploma in marketing / mass communication  / media studies/ advertising etc would make your entry simpler.


However, the degree or PG in itself, cannot give you success in your career. You need to believe in what you are selling, put your heart into it and walk head high with pride. Focus on building your sales craft. Leave the rest to the rest!!


My father works with a leading newsmagazine and I have telling him over the last two or three years that magazines are going to die given the various research reports I have read. My father still has five years before he retires, and I am worried about his future. Please advise. For your information, he’s in the the production function of the magazine, and he can’t move out to any other industry.

My friend , I can’t seem to understand what pleasure you derive from giving your father sleepless nights year after year… The very fact that for the past three years nothing drastic as you cautioned took place should be reason enough to stop sermonising him. Magazines still exist, and in the same form!


Experts and trained production professionals  like your father  handle all the rapid strides print production has taken over the years with immense skill and ease.


Stop worrying about his future! Contrary to what you believe,  enough opportunity exists for competent production professionals and more so for those with his level of experience and skill. Why not seek some advice from him on your career pursuits??? You never know, he may surprise you with his wisdom and understanding of the marketplace.


Dear MxM takes  this opportunity to wish all of you the very best life can offer !!  Have a great weekend and take care of yourselves. We will be back next week , same day , same space  with more questions , more answers!! And, thanks, Ed for scaling up to include additional questions!


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