Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is it better that after marriage my wife and I should not work in the same organisation?

19 Jun,2015

By Jaisurya Das


My boss says that I can’t rise very high as a client servicing executive because i am a postgraduate in commerce and not in management. He says I should do an MBA. What is your advice?

Hi, first things first, don’t ever feel that your PG in Commerce is  in any way inferior in comparison to a PG in Management. On the contrary , it may turn out to be a huge advantage for you, when you are being considered for senior levels, especially those that involve profit centre management etc.


Having said that, I second his view on pursuing your Masters in Management as well. This will not only build your perspective, but also catalyse your growth within the agency. Companies today look for such differentiators when it comes to hiring/ promoting their recruits. I know of a lot of companies today, where strict directives on this are given to the HR heads.


Do remember that an added qualification will only fuel your progress, irrespective of the industry. So stop worrying and go for it, my friend!!


I am going to marry a colleague from the office, who is also part of the sales team. I have been advised by various people that it is better that after marriage my wife and I should not work in the same Organisation. Sir, what do you suggest?

Personally it’s not something I advocate. The same department  Is certainly not advisable . It would only end up being a constant source of discomfort to both of you. However professional both of you are , it’s not an easy task managing this proximity at work.


The risks far outweigh the benefits, my friend . Am more than certain that both of you are more than equipped, to be hired elsewhere. That may end up being the turning point to fast track your sales career.


I am told that the income rise is faster in the sales function than in marketing… In newspaper organisations, that is. I work with a leading newspaper and have just finished my training process and can decide  which department I should move to. What will you suggest? Thanks.

This is true of almost every company today and rightly so. The sales team takes most of the heat both internally and externally day after day. In the sales function it’s almost a hire and fire scenario, with achievement of targets being the only parameter most of the time.


You are as good as your performance the previous day! Wouldn’t you want to be compensated well as you ascend the steep stairway of recognition and success?


The choice is left to you. Marketing as you know, encompasses  the sales function too. Listen to your heart my friend …forget about this never-ending race to acquire a bulging wallet. Believe me, wallets such only give you a chronic backache at the end of the day. Once again I repeat , master your craft and the career will follow !!!


To a great weekend then! Take good care of yourselves I promise to be back same space, same day, with new thoughts and new answers! Yes, Thursday it will be. Amen.


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