Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: I don’t want to suffer from sales target-led stress like my boss…

26 Jun,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Good Ladies, Morning and Gentlemen !

Oops! That doesn’t sound right, does it?

Coming to think of it, why do we have to conform all the time? Why can’t we just sit back and live the little pleasures of life???

Why do I have this strange feeling that we have stopped being selfish… and throwing ourselves to the sharks is now just as easy as a day at work?

Can we afford the luxury of a five-minute break ?

Did I just hear a Yes? Let’s do it then, and right now!

Sit back, feet on ground (socks/shoes, etc all good!) and let your body relax, go as limp as you can…

Let your hands rest comfortably on your lap… Take a slow deep breath………..hold……..and exhale…………

One more time: Slow deep breath……………hold……..and exhale……………..

Now that your body is more or less relaxed, allow your mind to wander……………. not for a moment stressing to keep it blank.

Yes I know, an uncontrollable stream of thoughts are hitting your mind, one after the other……… Don’t try and resist them. Instead recognise each one of them and allow your mind to accept them. And let go of them unprocessed.

Greek??? It’s fine, sit back and breathe normally! Will explain. Let’s assume at this very moment, a fresh thought reminded you of the client meeting scheduled at 15:00hrs.The time 14.35.

You begin to collect your thoughts on what should be discussed, your rate offer, how much to stretch etc. Now this is a classic example of processing !!!

Stop at the thought of a meeting less than an hour away. let go…. unprocessed .

Sit back and relax. Gently shut your eyes and listen to every little sound that you hear.

People, phones, the familiar creak of a chair, the rain lashing against your window and the faint bark of the neighbourhood dog.

Just listen. It’s amazing, isn’t it? How each little sound is crystal clear and magnified. And to think these sounds were always there and yet we didn’t hear them.

Five minutes? Gently open your eyes, take a slow deep breath and stretch your hands and legs. Now get up, splash some water on your face and you are ready for your meeting. Kill it, pal!

Felt nice? Did I hear a Yes? Am happy. Very happy.

May be the next time, you will want to do it for 10 minutes. And if I am lucky, a few times the same day.

Meditation. As complex as it’s made out to be, can be as simple as listening to the sounds around you!

It’s time to be selfish. Do this and for yourself this time. Stop worrying about the sharks. Believe me, they are well fed.

Nostradamus is history. Who knows what lies ahead, my friend?

Life is for Living. The World can Wait.

Celebrate Life. You Deserve It.

Do write in, if you believe this week’s Dear MxM made a difference. Thanks once again for believing in us .We honestly care.

Time Out!

Your Questions, Our Answers . Dear MxM Season 2 is here.


My boss is suffering from stress-related issues given the heavy pressure of sales targets. I have discussed the issue with my HR department several times, but they just don’t understand. Frankly, I don’t want to suffer in the way my boss has when I reach his level. Please advise what I should do.

Simple. Start celebrating life!!

No cliché this. Don’t forget that the rat race that most of us    are pushed into is our own creation. Its manmade and that’s what makes it so difficult to negotiate!

We excel in the unique art of complicating our own lives, creating one bogey after another. It’s about time we introspect and arrive at what we actually want from life.

Relationships are shattered, families torn apart, children estranged .Even the unsuspecting dog in the family isn’t spared from the wrath of “The Great Indian Rat Race”.

Hapless victims of stress brutally weaned from their hard earned embellishments of success!

Looking back today, I ask myself if the pin-striped suit, the fancy cars and the cultivated persona of success truly mirrored my raison d’être. You think right, my friend!

Stop pushing hard on the door looking for happiness. It opens inward. Celebrate life. Cheers!


I have worked in a large media group in Nagpur and I now need to shift to Mumbai as my dad has got a job there. Sir, I met with a few media groups including my own office in Mumbai, and I was told that I will need to start at least two notches lower. This is very unfair. Sir, please advise what I should do. Thanks

I am certain that myopic mindsets where craft and skill are ranked basis geographies only affect the company itself.

Don’t worry, my friend. If you have what it takes, nothing can stop you. Don’t compromise beyond a point. Look beyond your current function. Am sure it’s just a matter of time before you get what you deserve. True craft can never let you down. All the very best!


I have been leading a news bureau for some years and I now want to get into a business-y role. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but can you help me with any books that I should read in finance and marketing?

That’s a tough question since there are over a million books that could be of help.

For a start, you could read the biographies and works of business legends like Ratan Tata, Lee Iacocca, Akio Morita, David Ogilvy and Richard Branson etc.

Besides making interesting reading, these books also empower you with a strong perspective of business and its facets like marketing, finance etc.

Honestly, a good option would be associating/ partnering with someone who is already in business and proficient with finance etc. This will also give you the much-needed breathing space, when you are establishing yourself.

The demand for quality content providers in online and print will only grow further giving you ample opportunity to pursue your business interests. All good wishes for your foray into entrepreneurship.


Sir, I am an Indian but have studied in Dubai. I want to work in the Indian media as a journalist. Should I take up a job here and then seek a transfer or the other way around. Please advise.

That’s good to hear! India is probably one of the most exciting media markets of the world. Indian media today can boast of the best minds in the industry be it content generation or marketing.

Adding to this is a very mature, receptive, media-savvy audience that keeps the industry on their toes!

It’s in your best interest to take up an assignment here considering the sheer exposure you would get. There isn’t a better training ground that I know off.

Time to pack your bags, my friend!

Welcome to unarguably the best media market of the world. Jai Hind.


Have a stupendous weekend and take good care of yourselves. We will be back next week, same day, same space.


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