Woodland revisits proposition with ‘Urban’ ad film

25 May,2015

By A Correspondent


Woodland has launched its new campaign as they shift their strategy to ‘Urban’. Woodland is best known as being an outdoor brand but now they want to bring the same philosophy of explorer to urban city life. The film has been directed by Hello Robot, a leading global visual design and ad production firm with offices in India and USA.


The ad film revolves around two maverick motocross riders as they trail blaze their way across Los Angeles riding across everything, except for city streets. They go off road with their bikes and apply that freedom on the urban landscape.


Amit Gupta, Director Hello Robot said, “It was a very challenging production on many levels, productions of this nature often take a year to put together and upto a million dollars in budget. We achieved this in a fraction of the money and time! Each location had to be vetted by our location manager then revisited by the stunt co-ordinator and director. Often due to safety reasons we were unable to use the locations and had to start the process from scratch.  We had to co-ordinate street closures in downtown LA and had police escorts through the filming. Some of the stunts performed were extremely dangerous and the stunt teams took days to ensure safety for all the riders. We had support from amongst the best in the business.”


With a strong presence in LA; they can give access to celebrity Hollywood talent for direction of Indian ad films. With Indian brands growing to a global style appeal, such a level of quality in ad film making is seeing a growing demand. Hello Robot brings together the best of these two countries- the leading film making capitals of the world to put together cutting edge talent and creativity in ad films.


Hello Robot also has the capability to produce ad films across myriad locations across India, Europe and USA. Theirs being a ‘collective’ approach brings together a blend of talent across technical experts and story tellers from across the world. It’s clear that having a base in two of the largest film-outputting regions of the world has its benefits for both their Indian and US clients.


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