Why Sun shines more in Bengaluru

14 May,2015


By Our Research Editor


This is the kind of news which could spark off some wild statements from political formations if it were to happen in a city like Mumbai. But we weren’t really very surprised when we heard that Garden City Bengaluru had such a significant viewing of Sun TV as per BARC data.

First, let’s take a look at the pecking order of non-Hindi/English channels in Karnataka.


Let’s re-look at the table above in the main image, sans the shining sun 🙂 :


Surprised? Well, for those who’ve been to cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru would know the large influence of Gujarati and Tamil in these two cities. The decadal growth in Bengaluru has been much faster compared to the Rest of Karnataka (1L+), as per the Census of India 2011. Bengaluru had 52% share of total 1L+ population of Karnataka in Census 2011, up from 47% in 2001.


The population and growth numbers for the past two decades are as follows:


As per BARC India estimates of TV owning households as on March 2015, Bengaluru has 58% share of the 1L+ population of Karnataka.

As compared to an approximate 3% Tamil-speaking population in Karnataka, around 21% of the total population in Bengaluru speak Tamil. This leads to a significant viewing of Sun TV in Bengaluru.

The viewing details of Sun TV in Bengaluru and the Rest of Karnataka are as follows:

We posed this question to a Bengaluru-based media analyst and he said that while it’s not true that Kannada channels aren’t doing well in the city, it’s just that as a single channel Sun is ahead. If the content improves, one can be sure Kannada programmes will go ahead of Sun.

Until then the sun shines for Sun in Bengaluru.


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  1. Divya Radhakrishnan says:

    Why have you missed out Udaya TV from this analysis, its by far the number 1 channel