Tie-ups with movie producers and ad agencies can promote Indie talent: Farout Media

06 May,2015

By Dyanne Coelho


They stole the limelight recently with a song ‘Mutant Macha’ licensed to Star Movies for the television premiere of the the film X-Men: Days of the Future Past. We are talking of Faroutmedia , a music rights management and talent development company, co-founded by Farhan Akhtar, Anurag Rao and Excel Entertainment. The song is a collaboration between Chennai-based indie band Skrat, Akhtar and Vishal Dadlani.


“Mutant Macha is a classic example of integrating, licensing and monetizing a song with a massive marketing push at the time of song creation itself,” says Anurag Rao, co-founder of Farout Media. The company has provided for 100,000 free downloads of the song on their website after which downloads will be monetised. Farout Media is a talent solutions company that is focused on digging out indie talent in the music sphere and bringing it out onto mainstream platforms. The company essentially plays middleman between event management firms, television channels, radio networks and music talent, to bring offer the best experience to both. Farout organises talent for events like the FilmFare awards, Channel V Indiafest and even college fests.


Rao believes that collaboration with movie producers and advertising agencies can push indie talent to levels like never before. “Farout is trying to build this artist-centric indie ecosystem, getting collaborative artists together, and take independent music into mainstream broadcast television, advertising, film, etc,” Rao said. Farout strives to take indie bands and put them into collaboration with mainstream brands, which they feel is the best way today to take independent music and place it on a higher pedestal. “Fans are never going to buy your music any more. How are you going to take your music out? You have to think of various distribution partnerships and avenues to take independent music out,” he adds.


The advent of the digital media has in a way disrupted traditional methods of distribution of music like CD, Rao believes. “CDs are as good as obsolete now,” he said. “ITunes has now come in and become an inescapable infrastructure and we have to embrace technology and find different ways to take music out, and only technology can help.”


“Skrat is the first indie band we’ve got on board, but we are working on more collaborative efforts with bands like Sparsh, Shaa’ir n Func, Sarah Jane and others. We are also working with a lot of Hindi non-film music, and we’re trying to take it onto a mainstream platform,” he concludes.


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