Sushant Singh matches his moves with Nissan Terrano in new TVC

15 May,2015

By A Correspondent


Nissan India will be launching the new TVC of its flagship SUV brand Terrano. The ad film features actor Sushant Singh Rajput in a b-boying face-off with the new Terrano Groove edition. Nissan Terrano is a compact SUV with looks that can mesmerize.


The film is an exciting visual story that revolves around a dance battle between the lead character (Sushant Singh Rajput) and the Nissan Terrano. At the surface this is the story of how a car visually mesmerizes and draws Sushant into a dance-off, or one that he believes happened.But below the surface, this is a story about how a person and a car connect with each other, and how they play off each other… Ultimately, it’s not about how the car reacts or mimics; it’s about how the car attains a personality, and how it embodies the culture of the young protagonist.


Not only is this a great way to connect man to machine, it’s also a clever way to show off the many details of the Nissan Terrano as it spins and rotates through frame, each dance move highlighting the lines, bold curves and muscular stance of the vehicle.


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One response to “Sushant Singh matches his moves with Nissan Terrano in new TVC”

  1. Noshtradamus says:

    This is puffery masquerading as reporting. Clearly the copy paste of a Press Release.

    The ad is rubbish and disturbing in so many ways:

    1. The strategy of taking groove literally and making the car dance is below average thinking
    2. Visually, it is comically ugly

    3. The assumption that everyone knows the dancer is weak
    4. There is no relation between an automobile and dancing.
    5. The manner in which the car is shown contorting and spinning resembles what happens in a serious car crash (refer the movies) which results in serious damage and loss of life.

    This is not just random observation, but feedback from a communication professional with over two decades of experience, so please pass it on to the relevant people responsible for creating this ad.

    You could well be charged with misrepresentation and encouraging dangerous actions in a car. I’m not joking, anyone with even little experience in this business will recognise that.

    Personally I think this is rank amateur creative thinking, irresponsible management, and a waste of money on what is otherwise a great brand and product.

    Think about it.