Siddharth Varadarajan & Sidharth Bhatia launch ‘The Wire’

11 May,2015

By A Correspondent


It’s been discussed over Old Monk and cigarettes at various Press Clubs and the India International Centre for a few months now. The two Siddharths – one with two ds and one with just a single d – have launched what’s called The Wire. Former editor of The Hindu and a familiar face on news television Siddharth Varadarjan and senior journalist-editor Sidharth Bhatia and also often on the nightlies are co-founders and founding editors (and we guess co-owners). SV is known for his journalistic integrity – we still remember his front-page note on how Akshay Tritiya is a sham (or some such) and SB is a walking encyclopaedia on everything… he can write on issues as diverse as art and atomic energy, Manmohan Desai and Manmohan Singh, etc etc.


So one can hope to get an interesting mix of content in The Wire. It will surely be scholarly, but will be easy reading. Together they’ve got access to some of the best brains and writers in the country. And we are sure some of the best monies from across the world.


But then having single malt with the rich and powerful is one thing and getting dosh for a business is another. Ask us. Our boss has been struggling to get the funding to fuel the business. Advertising after all isn’t enough in the early days. And it’s tough being credible and insist on integrity.


Heck, this isn’t a story about MxMIndia. We’re discussing the birth of Messrs Siddharth and Sidharth’s The Wire. We can be sure it’ll have great content. The look-and-feel is a shade intimidating. Perhaps a lighter template would’ve been better. But these are minor issues.


Once the bucks are in, they can go for a customised design. is where it is. Go for it.



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