Parampara unveils new campaign #MenInKitchen

29 May,2015

By A Correspondent


General Mills’ Parampara, a brand which was operating in the ready-to-cook category has launched a range of Masala mix(es) which includes the first-of-its-kind Omelette Masala with a ‘Masala Masti’ twist. This new product has been introduced along with an exciting campaign #MenInKitchen, which highlights how the Parampara Expert Masala Mix makes it so easy to prepare a complicated dish that even men can take over the kitchen and make it perfect every time.


MenInKitchen is a progressive thought and can be seen as a new tradition. Gender roles in India are changing. Women entrepreneurs and workforce have registered good growths and there is an increase in dual income homes. This also means that the load of household chores and cooking is equally shared. Cooking is no longer seen as a woman’s responsibility – almost 40 per cent of young brides on matrimonial sites expect their husbands to know to cook and help with household chores.


Speaking about this initiative, Salil Murthy, Marketing Director, General Mills India said, “Parampara is a brand that promises authentic, delicious taste for the modern Indian family. We started by putting the consumer first and learnt that while she loves dishes like Paneer Butter Masala and Butter Chicken, she was never sure of exactly how it would turn out because there’s just so much ‘andaaz’ involved in cooking the perfect dish. Parampara takes this uncertainty out of the equation. It has the exact blend of masalas pre mixed that guarantees her the perfect taste for the dish that she’s making. The advertising takes it a step further – these dishes are now so simple to make that we are inviting the men of the house to try and make it – #MeninKitchen. And that’s the brand philosophy of progressive, modern thought – why should the woman be charged with cooking all the time? There are literally no excuses for the man now to not share a hand in the kitchen!”


Josy Paul

Elaborating on the nuances of the campaign, Josy Paul, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO said, “#MenInKitchen challenges the existing stereotype of only women doing all the cooking at home. The idea was born from the brand’s unique offering – expert masala mixes where you don’t need to add any extra masalas. So, now even men can cook. That’s so liberating!! ‘Men in Kitchen’ questions traditional thinking and kickstarts a new ‘Parampara’ – a new world order. It’s encouraging to see the brand taking sides – and going all out and aligning itself with a more progressive social agenda. It is about leading consumers to a higher plane.”


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