O&M unveils campaign for NCPA & SOI

06 May,2015

By A Correspondent


O&M has unveiled a campaign for The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and the Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) that highlights the importance of classical music to the audiences.


For decades, this genre has been dressed up in tailcoats, serious expressions and a preconceived notion that it is meant for a generation ‘much before mine’.But the truth is, Western Classical music is enjoyable at every age.That’s the truth the NCPA and SOI wanted Ogilvy & Mather to illuminate, through this film created especially for the online world.


Zenobia Pithawalla – Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy and Mather said, “The best thing about this idea is that to address the client’s concern, we borrowed from their pool of talent. These young students of the NCPA and SOI dived right into the heart of preconceived notions about Western Classical music, to change them, one note at a time. Thanks to the patience and dedication of our young director Afshan Shaikh we were able to bring the idea to life.”


Navin Talreja of Ogilvy& Mather said, “As an agency we are passionate about the performing arts and hence this campaign for the NCPA and SOI. Western Classical is seen as music for older people and so the brief was to get younger audiences in. We felt what better way than to showcase the wonderful talent of the kids who are part of the SOI’s training programmes to inspire the younger generation to come and experience the wonderful Western Classical concerts that are performed at the NCPA.”


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