News channels come together to form All India News Broadcasters Association

12 May,2015

By A Correspondent


Several Indian news channels have tied up with the government and various agencies to put together a unified platform for ensuring ethical journalism and to look at a collective solution for ridding the industry of the various problems that continue to plague it. Christened All India News Broadcasters Association, this group comprising heads / owners of small and medium news channels held its election meeting in Hotel Lalit, Delhi under the interim chairmanship of Anil Gaba of Total TV.


The first committee with a tenure of two years was elected and put in place to take the agenda of the association further. The new committee comprises:


Chairman – SK Gupta (Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh’s Leading channel TV100); Vice Chairman – ID Garg (Khabarein Abhi Tak) and Vikram Nevar (Tazaa TV, Kolkata); Gen. Secretary – Tejinder Pal Singh (Patiala based Channel 2); Secretary -  SMBC Insight’s Dr. Prakash Sharma; Treasurer – ID Garg (Khabarein Abhi Tak); Member-Working Committee          – AK Samaa (Khabar Fast), MS Walia (Azad News).


Dr. Prakash Sharma

This is the first such association or representative body of regional news players in the country. Speaking on the Association, Dr. Prakash Sharma, Secretary, said, “The association will work towards creating a level playing field in the country at par with the national news channels. Apart from focusing on the problems of the industry, the association will work towards ensuring clean and ethical journalism, and work towards curbing paid news and ensuring guidelines for self-regulation. The association will also work towards creating a platform for news syndication and exchange amongst member organisations, collective marketing and distribution.”


All India News Broadcasters association will also act as a unified body working in conjunction with the government and representing the views, issues and concerns of the broadcasting industry, and play an exemplary role in finding workable solutions.


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