Jaisurya Das: Nothing wrong if great ideas are replicated

12 May,2015

Back from an extended sabbatical, senior mediaperson and MxMIndia Contributing Editor Jaisurya Das was dismayed with an exchange of views on brands, core values and marketing ethics. Meanwhile, JD will be back being Counsellor and address queries from readers on career and allied issues. Inbox your questions to editor@mxmindia.com and put Dear MxM in the subjectline. Read on…


A good 25 years of work behind me, I take a sabbatical and decide to stash away all the embellishments of corporate success.


I am back to being Jaisurya, soaking in the sun and the reckless banter of the birds in the garden.


I realise how addicted I am to brands and their salience. It’s much like nicotine for me delivering metered doses of cerebral stimulation. It’s a holiday I tell myself. Stop thinking so much, after all sabbaticals add value to your persona or so I gather.


Learning must go on, I tell myself. The marketing canvas hasn’t changed, the hues are just watered down by the belief that form means more than content. It’s time I wake up and put my ears to the ground. I need to be in sync with today’s brand custodians. Probably all that I believed were sanctimonious to a brand’s success mean nothing now.


I ask some friends to fill me in with bits and pieces from the media news archive…..


End of Sabbatical. Back at MxM! 


I read with interest an exchange of views on brands, core values and marketing ethics. Three media monoliths, all close to heart for an old marketing bandicoot like me. Media giants aren’t made in a hurry. Their architects painstakingly mould brand resonance and audience loyalty. Audiences that matter and separate the wheat from the chaff.




Let’s examine these hypotheses:


Is replication of a great experiential concept akin to marketing myopia?

Does a brand’s intrinsic value have anything to do with its execution of events and promotions?

Is there erosion of value when a brand replicates another’s initiative?


Interesting isn’t it? Highly debatable!


But then: Why?


Some of the best brands in the world are replicas. Burger King for instance took it a step further and used Al and Laura Ries’ Law of Proximity too.  The rest is history. Customers sampled, benchmarked and drove profits.


Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler. Does it matter who replicated the other? We all wear them, blatantly borrowing from the West. Am not sure if it really eroded our character.


Why not reinvent the wheel? You have a great idea staring at you. Respect it and better it. It only adds value to you and the originator. After all, it’s a consumer’s market. Let them make the choice.


Intrinsic value of a brand is its persona, its aura, and the resonance of its unique captive audience. Loyalty is dead they say. But it’s rare that we change our reading habits. We add we do not forego.


The Sanctum Santorum of a Brand is its value ….value that empowers its consumers. Go ahead, cut and paste if you think it will help. Remember even that is a craft. Easier said than done …


My warm wishes to the architects, scions and friends in the industry.


I leave you with these independent thoughts. I will be back. Soon.


Jaisurya Das

Self-proclaimed Brand Evangelist

Contributing Editor 

MxM India 


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