Hindi movie channels regain viewership in Week 19: TAM

18 May,2015

The Hindi movie genre regained viewership in Week 19 of 2015 (May 3 to 9, 2015) after having dropped for two weeks straight, as per S-Group, the strategic consulting arm of TAM Media Research


:: While the genre’s Reach has remained at the same threshold (more than 78.5%) in recent weeks, it was the increase of almost 5% in the Time Spent that led to the increase of 33 GRPs.


:: While Total TV saw a 1% drop in viewership, Hindi Movie genre increased its overall share by 1% this week.


:: Sony Max remains the genre leader, and also the main source of the hike.


:: Z Cinema, which came close to being replaced by Star Gold as the 2nd ranked channel in Wk 18, managed to strengthen its position by gaining 7 GRPs. Star Gold remained stable at 85 GRPs.


:: Movies OK and &Pictures are the only channels to have dropped this week, both losing similar viewership share. The two channels which had witnessed a hike in Wk 18 have returned to their average weekly viewership levels.


:: Both channels from the UTV group have seen an increase in viewership, UTV Movies more so than UTV Action.


:: For all channels that have seen a significant increase, weekend has played an important part, Sunday off-prime specifically for UTV Movies and Z Cinema.



:: Only Sony MAX and Z Cinema increased during primetime, both Reach and Time Spent playing a role in it. The top-rated movie for Z Cinema during PrimeTime was ‘Entertainment’.


:: On the other hand, UTV Movies and UTV Action saw heavy increase during off-prime, driven by increase in their respective Time Spent.


:: For UTV Movies, ‘Tevar’ and ‘R Rajkumar’, aired in succession on Sunday afternoon, brought in a total of 6.3 GRPs.


:: ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ on Z Cinema was the highest rated movie of the week on the genre.

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