Headlines Today is rechristened India Today Television

25 May,2015

By A Correspondent


From the evening of Saturday, May 23, 2015, Headlines Today was renamed India Today.  Named after the flagship English and Hindi language magazines of the India Today group, Headlines Today adopted the new name with a pledge to serve news, and not views. Aaj Tak’s name stays unchanged even though the English and the Hindi editions of the newsmag carry the same title.


So what’s the new channel going to be all about:

“Well, here’s what the advertising of the new channel has to say:

For over 40 years, India Today has set the gold standard of journalism.

It now extends the same ethos to India Today Television, a channel that is set to bring you news just as it happens, unadulterated and unbiased.

We are here to help you form opinions, not give them to you.

We are here to report facts, not twist them

We are here to keep you ahead, not to keep you titillated.

Our revolutionary approach, experience anchors and all-day primetime reporting will transform your news viewing experience.

No more swinging stands, circling issues and one-sided arguments.

Circus is over. News is back.”



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