HD viewership of English movies grows to 15.5%: BARC data

21 May,2015

One may say the vast majority of English movie viewers still watch their favourite flicks on standard definition, but the number for high definition (HD) is growing.


According to a careful look at the latest set of weekly data from BARC India (Week 19), it was found that viewers are spending more time on English Movies on the HD platform than they used to – resulting in higher Rat (000s) sum.


English Movies genre when analysed for week 19 for the target market 6 Mega Cities NCCS AB, it is observed that 15.5% of the viewership contribution is coming from English Movies HD channels like Star Movies HD, Sony Pix HD, Zee Studio HD & Movies Now+ while English Movies SD channels contribute 84.5% viewership.


A snapshot of the RAT (000s) sum for the genre:

English Movies SD : 6,637
English Movies HD : 1,167
English Movies Genre : 7,804

Source: BARC India, 6 Mega Cities AB, Week 19, 2015.


Note: RAT (000s) = Number of target Households in 000s where an ‘Event’ was on, averaged across minutes. Also known as TVT


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