Dear MxM: While teaching my daughter, I figured I’m a good writer. What are career prospects for a creative writer? No, not a journalist…

28 May,2015

By Jaisurya Das [updated]


Sir, in your comment published two weeks back, you wrote that there’s nothing wrong in getting inspired by ideas of other media companies. But whenever one has tried to suggest ideas to my boss, he and the team in general shoot it down saying it’s already done by competition. That we don’t want to be seen as a me-too. How do you counter that argument?

It’s not easy I can imagine since it’s your boss. However, let me give you a few tips that could make it easier. First things first, don’t get demoralised since this is a fairly common problem that a lot of talented minds have to face and deal with. Be rest assured you’re not Home Alone!  🙂

a. It’s imperative that you understand that marketing myopia needs to be corrected with the basics. Show them cases of brands across the world, all of which have been me-toos and yet were super-successful.

b. Do not, I repeat, Do not present or even think of adopting an existing idea without improving upon it. It’s critical that you take effort, apply mind and create a new execution methodology for the base concept . Hence, get your act together and only then present or discuss what you have in mind.

c. Please understand that adopting a successful conceptual base is no cakewalk. Creating winning brands takes more than deep understanding of  the science of marketing. Deft artistry that can splash the right hues on the palette of the consumers’ neural network is the clincher!

Hope this helps.  All the best friend.


Shouldn’t news media companies make it mandatory for only those with a basic management degree to join at the entry level. Good talent will help improve the media industry.

Oh, boy! Whoever gave you this impression is far removed from the basic understanding of the word talent!

If this belief is yours, I suggest you do a study and check for yourself as to how many of the top-end media professionals, across functions are armed with management degrees .

Yes,  it’s a no brainier that management degrees from good schools, add tremendous value and perspective to the student. However, it’s a given that the student must possess a fundamentally strong academic upbringing, an open mind and an absolute willingness to learn!

At the risk of sounding harsh, May I vehemently state that, believing only people with such qualifications define talent is a sign of ignorance!

Get down from that pedestal of belief. Walk the streets of craft instead…

Incidentally, yours truly is merely a graduate , and that too in hotel management, psychology and emergency medicine.

Yes indeed , this columnist has walked the revered corridors of the best business schools , never as a student though….only by invitation , to share my learnings and presumably a few metered doses of wisdom acquired over the years.


I am a housewife, 36 years of age. In the process of tutoring my daughter, I have realised that I can be good writer. I don’t want to be a journalist, but what are the career prospects for a creative writer?

Great!!  In fact in the past decade, creative writing has seen a surge in our country and is today financially rewarding , unlike the past.  You are probably an avid reader as well , buying many a book  for the  amazing breed of vibrant , fresh and talented Indian authors.

There is ample opportunity now as the publishers are far more inclined to take the plunge and give definition to fresh writing.  Online and print media features, provide an excellent platform too.

Go for it young lady, and for all you know , you may soon be a household name!!! All the best!

Have a super weekend friends……Dear MxM will be back next week , same day , same space.



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