Dear MxM: Sir, I am only one of the four males in my office of 30 women. I feel I get ‘harassed’…

21 May,2015

By Jaisurya Das


It’s lovely to be back with unarguably the best media and marketing site in the country. The MxM edge is its razorsharp news gathering, simplicity of reportage and most importantly its inherent ability to connect with almost every audience segment. Write in to me with your questions at and I will try and respond to them. Please put Dear MxM in the subject line.


Sir, all global media bigwigs say that media is going digital. Even in India, various forecasts, digital media is growing very rapidly. But the numbers are really small, and there is no spectacular work being done in digital advertising. Is it the right horse to ride on?

It’s not only the right horse but it’s a sure winner. Let’s not get into the numbers, but the fact of the matter is that India is a behemoth that is growing. Digital is replacing traditional media the world over. The younger digital generation members empower themselves with what interests them. Period.


Inherent attributes of digital media, that is, customization, portability and the sheer depth of

information at the press of a key make it a sure  jackpot winner. Internet and mobile data connectivity across our country will be its catalyst for success.


Remember the best investments are made much before any brand, product or media is established firmly in the consumers mind.


Go for it friend !


I want to be a television journalist in Marathi, but all the good educational institutes teach in English. Should I take admission there – to an IIMC, Jamia or SIMC or should I just apply directly to the channel and learn on the job?

That’s good to hear, since there’s always need for more sharp young journalists in the country. The fundamental principles of journalism and the fine nuances of broadcast are best learnt at a good institute. The language is just a medium of dissemination, so today it’s Marathi, tomorrow it could be Mandarin or Kannada next and yet you will be empowered and skilled enough to adapt to a new medium  of delivery and handle it with the same élan.


Learn everything that it takes to make you a good journalist. That’s all that matters in separating the wheat from the chaff. Good luck !


Sir, this is a personal question. I find that I am only one of the four males in my office of 30 women. The others are administration guys and office boys. Sometimes I also feel that I get ‘harassed’ for being a male in a women’s office. Should I look for another job?

Why would you look for another job for this reason? Think for a momen: the tables are turned and it’s a male-dominated workplace, would you have thought the same way?

Felling harassed is a state of mind and often because some insecurity creeps into one’s thinking.

However if it’s bordering on sexual harassment or vindictiveness, it’s probably prudent to move on.  Think and act my friend. You’ll do fine. All the best!


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