Culture Machine unveils tech solutions for data analysis

08 May,2015

By A Correspondent


Sameer Pitalwalla and Venkat Prasad

Leading digital video start-up Culture Machine has launched Intelligence Machine, a new technology that combines data and content across platforms to uncover new insights into audiences, content and brands.


“Social platforms in today’s world are just like a cable operator. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all video platforms and knowing what content to create for each is what makes a brand successful online,” said Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO and Co-Founder, Culture Machine. Intelligence Machine identifies metrics for brands and content creators, from earned and owned videos to content formats, geographic presence, trending topics and audience communities. These help the brand in being abreast about what consumers want and what video content needs to be generated. The new technology also benchmarks the brands against its competitors on the digital platform and thus gives them an opportunity to move up the ladder. Intelligence Machine also enables a user to discover successful content formats for an audience segment in a particular industry and geography that pertains to them.


“The method of media consumption is changing over the years. Earlier, television was the only source of video generation, today we’re in the internet era,” said Venkat Prasad, COO/CTO and Co-Founder, Culture Machine as he talked about the rationale behind Intelligence Machine. Intelligence Machine collects data, crunches the data and separates it out into various elements. This data is then used to identify consumer trends and patterns and develop meaningful insights. “About one billion videos are crunched daily,” Mr Prasad said.


As content becomes available online, there is a whole bunch of subcultures and communities that have emerged, like in the beauty space you have DIY videos, styling videos etc, Sameer illustrates, highlighting the importance of a thorough study of data before putting your content out there. Intelligence Machine however cannot tell a brand what it should do; it will merely give you in adequate detail a performance review of sorts. It will let a brand know current trends; for example, in the winter season videos on how to keep your skin moisturised and how to prevent dry skin were some of the leading hits as that was the trend then, however now in the summer videos on how to prevent sunburn, etc are the hot topics. Data like this is passed on to the brand or any content creator and thus helps them get a clear idea of what the consumer wants.


“We think our product has a lot of potential, but we haven’t approached advertisers yet. We hope our product will speak for itself. As of now we want to bring it out into the market and see the response we get,” Mr Prasad added.


Besides data analysis, Culture Machine also produces its own content which contributes to a major portion of the overall business. Higher versions of Intelligence Machine are also a work in progress Mr Pitalwalla informed and these will be in the market soon.


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