B Natural highlights ‘taste’ factor in new TVC

08 May,2015

By A Correspondent


The juice category is dominated by two key players – Real and Tropicana; with both being positioned on health, a rather sanitized take on health that is all about meal replacement or about sacrificing good food/taste.


Which is why when ITC wanted to enter this category with B Natural, for Grey, the starting point was very clear – we will never ask our consumers to compromise on taste to achieve health.


The consumer insight was that we as a nation have never precluded taste or enjoyment from our pursuit of good health. Our meals are multi-sensory; rich in taste, texture, colours and aromas. It was decided that this code of taste that is so crucial to the Indian consumer, will form the foundation of the messaging. The teams at ITC came up with a product that was so superior in taste, it trumped its competition in every research conducted.


The amalgamation of this insight and product gave birth to the idea of B Natural – a celebration of taste. The enjoyment of great taste is such an innocent and spontaneous joy that no matter how hard you try to hide it, it is bound to show.


Malvika Mehra

Malvika Mehra, Executive Vice President and National Creative Director, GREY group India said, “Anything coming out from the ITC Foods stable is usually the undisputed leader in taste in its category. That’s the great heritage of this brand. So when it came to  launching their juice brand ‘B Natural’ it was almost instinctive for us to do an out an out taste story. And in keeping with our Indian ethos of ‘jashn’ we decided to make a celebration of it.”


The TVC titled “Sangram Singh” introduces the character of palace guard Sangram Singh – a man trained and conditioned over generations to have an impasse face with no expressions. One can see him staying completely stoic no matter what the situation or news, till he takes the B Natural taste challenge. And when he does take a sip of B Natural, even he finds it impossible from letting the great taste show on his face along with a spontaneous burr of energy in his personality overall.


Ram Jayaraman, Associate Vice President & Creative Head, Grey Bangalore, said: “”To launch a range of fruit juices/beverages in a cluttered market, we needed something different. We found that in something very simple. Taste. Taste at its very core, is instinct. If you have something delicious, the reaction will play out on your face. We fleshed out many ‘blank expression’ archetypes on the premise of ‘Can’t hide the Taste’, and Sangram Singh is the one who made it to the shoot. And lived and smiled to drink B Natural.”


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