Star Sports to consider Lagori/Pitto league

01 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


After the stupendous success of the kabaddi league, Star Sports is considering having a championship on the seven stones game that is very popular across the country. So goes the cooler conversation in media circles.


Lagori, dikori, lagoori, lingocha or pitto is widely played in many parts of India. According to Wikipedia, it’s a game played between two teams in an unlimited area involving a ball and a pile of flat stones. A member of one team (the seekers) throws a soft ball at a pile of stones to knock them over. The seekers then try to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team (the hitters) throws the ball at them. If the ball touches a seeker, he is out and his team continues without him. But a team member can always safeguard himself by touching the opposite team member before the ball hits him.


Meanwhile, it is learnt that Sony Six is also planning a similar tournament. Click here to read the rest of this report.


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