Speed is good, affirms Vodafone in new campaign

08 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


Vodafone has announced a new campaign to communicate its proposition “Speed is Good”. This comprises of a series of television commercials that Vodafone will air during the 7-week long tournament. The campaign is made up of short but memorable stories where Vodafone customers use their fast 3G network to bring a smile to someone’s face.


This “Speed is Good” campaign aims at articulating speed with the benefit of the fastest 3G network substantiated with hard functional claims basis an analysis of Ookla Speed test data during the period September 2014 to February 2015. The Vodafone network was adjudged to allow 22 per cent faster download and 43 per cent faster upload experience with its 3G data network as compared to the next best operator. This campaign will endeavor to strengthen the 3G network credentials through new campaign.


As a build-up to the IPL campaign, Vodafone launched the idea of ‘Speed is Good’ with two commercials “Farewell” and “Haircut” earlier. The commercials which are on air tell the story of technology and in the process touches hearts. The stories also effectively establish the idea of ‘Speed is Good’. To build on this idea, Vodafone will be releasing two new spots called “Baby” and “Library”. The “Baby” spot is about how a crying baby is pacified by a teenage boy with the help of faster video downloads on Vodafone. And the “Library” spot tells the story of how a group of friends break into a silent celebration in a library when the news of someone’s birthday spreads quickly on Vodafone 3G.


Commenting on the campaign, Ronita Mitra, Senior Vice President – Brand Communications and Insights, Vodafone India, said: “IPL is the biggest sporting platform in the country designed to appeal to a wide audience with high clutter and frequency during a very compact period. In line with our brand promise of always enabling consumers to be confidently connected, we are launching the ‘Speed is Good’, campaign that reinforces Vodafone’s network credentials in an evocative and engaging manner. The high decibel campaign aims to position Vodafone as the fastest 3G network in the country.”


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